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That photo up there ^ is….:

1) One of the rare occasions you’ll see me all dressed/gussied up.

2) One of the few selfies of me that exist (I rarely take them).

I felt confident and attractive at that moment so I decided I would capture it.

As I write this I’m not wearing any makeup. My hair is tied up in a messy bun. I have flyaway baby hairs floating around my hairline. I’m dressed comfortably in yoga pants and a t-shirt. (Yep, that happened).

It’s definitely not the “most attractive” of situations. Full disclosure: I don’t look perfect all the time. My skin isn’t perfect. I still have scars from that time I had stress shingles (Not a cute situation at all)… but despite everything that you could possibly judge me on…

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My first ever post on Quora

I’ve definitely mentioned this before, but I’ve been on Quora, admiring from afar for quite some time now. The content I read on the app/site resonates with me and it never fails to give me that dose of humanity. I’ve never felt so connected to an app. I’ve sung its praises in a previous post here.

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So after being a reader, I finally mustered up the courage to write my first answer. Turns out, it’s actually quite easy when you come across the right question. The kind of question that just pushes your buttons and lights a spark in you. The question I wrote an answer to is seemingly quite simple:

I am 5 ft 4 and 110 lbs. My boyfriend calls me fat. What should I do?

It’s something I never thought I’d write about publicly, but I’m glad to share. I couldn’t help but get into detail. I only take the time to write about the things that matter to me (as evidenced on this blog) so I kind of bared my soul on this one.

Here’s an excerpt of what I wrote: Continue reading

Bruce Lee 75

Today, November 27th, would’ve been the 75th birthday of the man and legend, Bruce Lee.


 I haven’t watched all of his movies and I don’t know every detail of his life (though I did see “Kung Fu,” a play based on him), but I think it’s pretty obvious why I (among many others) respect, appreciate and admire him.

Before he passed in 1973, the legendary martial artist played a major role in exposing people around the world to Martial Arts. His influence also went beyond the physical: his teachings included mental and emotional fitness and he was one of the few available role models for minorities at the time. Simply put, he was a positive influence and role model to many for his impact on physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being which has transcended countries, industries, and race.


Not to mention, he embodies everything I appreciate and respect in a human being. He lived simply and with commitment. He went through struggle with vision, persistence and discipline. He was both physically fit and had a fighting spirit. He was courageous and confident. He always aimed for something and had a strong mind. He was charismatic and had presence. He loved life. All of these traits made him an amazing fighter, husband, a father, and a person/man.


Here are some of my favorite Bruce Lee quotes to live by: Continue reading

Highlights of my week: 11/15-11/21

It’s amazing how much can happen in one week! This week I started a new job, I met more new people, I saw/experienced new things…
Here are some highlights.

View from the new job/office in Beverly Hills. Rest assured it’s just the neighborhood I happen to work in this time, it doesn’t make me snobby or whatever stereotype it has attached with it :)

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Interview with Daniel Wu, Actor and Executive Producer, Into the Badlands

Confession: I don’t watch much TV. There are a lot of new television shows that sound intriguing but none that I personally feel compelled to watch and/or continue to watch….  until Into the Badlands (Premiering Sunday Nov 15 at 10pm).

At first, I was hesitant. In writing, ““Into the Badlands” is a genre-bending martial arts series very loosely based on the classic Chinese tale “Journey to the West.” In a land controlled by feudal barons, “Badlands” tells the story of a ruthless, well-trained warrior named Sunny (Daniel Wu) and a young boy who embark on a journey across a dangerous land to find enlightenment.”

That didn’t really say much to me but Whoa. What! Daniel Wu? I fell in love with him in the Chinese movie Don’t Go Breaking My Heart. I was pleasantly surprised to see him as the leading actor on this show. Though he’s a Chinese American actor (He was born and raised in the Bay area) he has had a prolific career in Hong Kong. I felt it was a pretty big deal that he was on this. The show looked like a lot of fighting in a dystopian society. Not my usual thing but my interest was piqued and I had to learn more.

Last week I went to a screening for a preview of the pilot of the 6 episode series. Earlier that day, I had the opportunity to interview Daniel. Afterwards there was a Q&A where the audience got to hear from the cast and producers (Alfred Gough and Miles Millar of Smallville) first hand about the idea behind the show. It was pretty clear to me how much thought, love, work, blood sweat and tears (literally) went into this project.


Daniel Wu in the flesh


Some highlights of the pilot/first episode: Continue reading

A day in San Francisco

Not only did I visit San Jose (blog post on what I did here), I visited San Francisco which is farther up north. The summary of my day in SF:

1) The Presidio. I had no idea a place like this existed in SF. It’s one of the few places in the city that you’ll see untouched stretches of trees. If you’ve been in SF for more than a month and haven’t gone, you have to go. It’s an amazing “escape” from the city

2) Spire by Andy Goldsworthy. A sculpture made of cypress trunks. Scroll down for photos.

3) Chinese restaurant San Tung lives up to the hype.

4) Each time I go to San Francisco, it seems to be better and better. I’ve only been there 4 times, for about 48 hours max each time and every glimpse I get, I see it in a different way.

First on the agenda was the Lyon Street Steps. Finding parking around Lyon St/Broadway St was no problem. It was lovely looking at the eclectic row of homes lining the streets. You can immediately sense that this is a wealthy neighborhood, something I’d liken to the vibes of the Upper East Side in New York. The gates and statues in front of the houses look like they cost thousands of dollars and the quiet of the neighborhood is very safe and residential, compared to say, the financial district in SF. After the first series of steps, you get to this:



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A day in San Jose

I was in NorCal over the weekend for a quick visit. It’s quite different than SoCal (specifically LA (which is where I am now in case you didn’t know)). Not only is the vibe different… there’s variation in the weather. You know, that feel of autumn… The cool crisp air, night chill, cool breeze. Having grown up on the East Coast, my mind knows it’s October and my body hasn’t gotten used to the constant warmth and static weather here in LA. Thankfully NorCal is close enough for me to visit as often as I want.


Here’s a summary of what I did/ate/saw. (Note: All the photos are no filter except the streetart. Natural beauty!)

Checked out the SoFA Market in Downtown San Jose. SoFA apparently stands for South First Area, and this area is San Jose’s visual arts and entertainment district. It reminds me of Chelsea Market in New York and Grand Central market in LA because of the food stall set up and eclectic offering of food/drink. Since it was a bit chilly I thought it would be appropriate to eat ramen, so I decided to go to Konjoe Tei. I had seen some yummy photos on instagram so I thought I’d check it out. The ramen isn’t as authentic in taste as the places I’ve eaten at in LA or New York (or Tokyo) but it was decent given that I was grading it against unfair standards. The kaarage chicken was perfectly cooked and the pork toast surprised me in a good way.

IMG_4299 IMG_4301 IMG_4303

Afterwards I took a walk around to check out some of the street art and explore the area. I think the best way to feel out a city is to walk its streets. San Jose isn’t very walkable, so when you CAN walk, you should.


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My red carpet interview video footage from the Asian World Film Festival!

I’m sure you’ve seen red carpet interviews sometime in your life before.

I know I did before I went on the red carpet myself to interview the honorees and guests at the Asian World Film Festival (my last blog post on that here). But trust me when I say it’s easier than it looks. Continue reading

First Annual Asian World Film Festival in LA

Monday night, October 26, was the Opening Night Red Carpet Awards Gala and Film for the First Annual Asian World Film Festival here in Los Angeles… It is a film festival created to honor emerging and notable talent, highlighting foreign language films that have been officially submitted to the Academy as their country’s Oscar hopeful and those submitted as a Golden Globe hopeful to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. It’s a film festival I was pleasantly surprised to hear about (as it’s “about time”) and I was honored to be invited to witness it and be there for my first ever red carpet experience. No, not to walk the red carpet, but to interview the honorees and guests.


Me on the red carpet: If I look nervous/scared it was because I kind of was!

It happened very last minute and I didn’t get the confirmed list of people attending (a “tipsheet”) until maybe an hour or two before getting there, but I’m told such is the nature of these red carpet events (just because someone “confirms” doesn’t mean that they will in fact attend). Nevertheless, a handful of impressive talent came through and I had the pleasure of interviewing them in what felt like a blink of a moment.

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