Crazy Rich Asians NY location map


Have you heard?

China Rich Girlfriend, the sequel of the book Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan is out for pre-order on amazon!! It will be released on June 16, 2015. I don’t want to spoil anything for you, so I’ll let you read the synopsis here on amazon.

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I’ve been waiting for the sequel ever since I finished the book. I’m even more excited for the movie, as you can probably tell from the post I did on the dream cast and soundtrack (which still gets the most views to this day). I’m slightly obsessed. Just a liiiiittle bit. Knowing this, my friend got me a signed copy for me and it was probably one of the best gifts I’ve received. (thank you R!)

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enjoy lah! (and that I did)

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New writing routine

Screen shot 2015-01-03 at 6.11.32 PM

Writing is something I really struggle with. Can you tell from all the gaps of time in between posts? A bit ironic considering how I have a blog, right?

It’s not because I have nothing to write about, but rather because it’s hard for me to put pen to paper and articulate the idea in a way that will make sense to me or someone else at a different mood/mindset/time.

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Good bye 2014

Screen shot 2015-01-01 at 10.06.24 PM

streetart spotted in new york. dont look back, go forward.

I was looking through my photos and scrolling through my instagram when I realized I hardly recognize who I was a month ago, let alone a year ago. Have you ever looked at a photo of yourself and thought:”wow I feel like a completely different person now. That feels like ages ago?” That’s how I have felt this entire year after every challenge (which was basically every week). Even though I may not show any physical changes and I look the same, I feel different. I’m stronger, smarter and happier in a completely different way than before, but only after a tumultuous year… and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Posman Books: visit before its gone :(

You know it’s serious when the title has a sadface.


posman books in grand central

Posman books is a bookstore I discovered just recently. I found myself at Chelsea Market waiting for a friend and wandering around to kill time, because I was early per usual. I stumbled upon Posman Books and found myself thoroughly entertained- the time passed by so quickly! Before I knew it, my friend showed up and I left wanting to visit again. I was happy to discover that they have a location in Grand Central Terminal- the largest of their locations. Unfortunately, due to transportation related projects in Grand Central Terminal, Posman books’ last day of business will be December 31st.

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Stop and Think

I just renewed my domain for another year. I guess you’re stuck with me writing at for the year ahead. I’m not giving up on this blog :)

With this renewal I’d like to share something with you- a secret-that has guided me in writing blog posts.


a random (and rare) photo of me (thoughtfully) eating. Not really related but i do like the photo :)

Before I publish a post, I always ask myself, “Did you THINK?”

Here is how it was described on Quora where I read it (one of my favorite websites/apps).

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HFI? What’s that?

If you google “HFI” you’ll get a couple different things: Hereditary fructose intolerance. Health facility institute. Also there’s er…..Hepatitis Foundation International.

None of these are what this blog post is about.

What I’m referring to is what my friend called me: Highly Functioning Individual. I had no idea what it was when he said it either. He kindly explained it to me:


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This Thanksgiving

Screen shot 2014-11-27 at 9.18.12 PM

The Thanksgiving travel madness I passed as I stopped by the apple store 11/26/14

Thanksgiving was different this year for me. It was the first time I was staying in the city and wasn’t spending the holiday and days off with my family. I didn’t mind it so much at first but after seeing everyone else with their families or traveling to see their loved ones, I couldn’t help but think about what was missing. But then I realized how thankful and lucky I am. I started to replace all of my thoughts of lack with thoughts of abundance. While doing so, I was reminded of something I witnessed not too long ago.

I have written in my iphone notes:

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kindness matters


spotted when i was in New Haven a few weeks ago


Today was quite a strange day. Eventful, but strange. I’m at home now, recounting today’s activities and there seems to be the overarching message of kindness. I just had to blog to share with you. Continue reading

Morning Special

Not too long ago, I saw someone’s post about a “morning special” in Manhattan’s Koreatown. Since I found myself awake at 5 AM this morning, I figured today would be a good day to take advantage (and make an adventure out) of this morning special. I took my time getting ready, had a leisurely and comfortable commute into the city and got to New Wonjo in Ktwon by 7:30 AM.

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A whole new world

Today, I had one of those “Ohmygosh that can do that? that looks like that? WOW MINDBLOWN” moments.

I was at work emailing one of my counterparts in the London headquarters, when she casually asked how everything was going here in New York. At one point of the exchange I mentioned, “all is well, it’s getting chillier and to be honest, I’d rather be in London.”

She said that she would rather be in New York especially because the holiday season was approaching, “Could we switch places?” she asked me, “It’s pouring over here and I might have to swim home.”

I went onto google to see what the weather in London was like and somehow found myself in google maps.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used google maps for subway/directions but I did NOT know that you could look up a place, and place yourself street level, so that you can see images of the storefronts and streets!! On top of that, you can spin around, look up, and float down the streets using directional arrows.


Once I realized this, I started googling every address I could think of and started clicking around. Needless to say, I had too much fun zooming through the streets; it was as if I had traveled there myself, if only for a few minutes. I even started discovering places I had never even heard of, and got excited by the possibilities.

Now I just have to go to London and experience the real thing.

It’s amazing what you can do with technology, isn’t it? What I love most about it is that it can expand your mind within just a few minutes and a few clicks. It can take you away and out of whatever situation and thought process you were just in. It opens a world of possibilities.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you already knew about google streetview but I challenge you to look up a place you have always wanted to visit, or learn more about, and web-explore.

Don’t know where to start?

Start here.

Oh the little things in life. Those random moments of discovery. Gotta love them.

Here’s to the weekend.


“Adventure may hurt you, but monotony will kill you.”- unknown