3 things I do every weekend to stay grounded

Though I like to think that you should include some “me time” in your everyday, for a lot of people it’s the weekends that allow for it. I’m trying to get back into the routine of slow and early mornings as I get settled here in LA, but on weekends I make a big effort to refocus and recalibrate for the week ahead. I think it’s so important to take the time to enjoy, relax, breathe. In fact the nature and physical space in LA is one of the reasons why I moved here.


In order for me to start the week clear headed and motivated, I need to take the weekend to rest and remind myself of who I am and what I want. This way, I can start and go through the week better than the week before.

These are the 3 things I do every weekend to stay grounded/sane/happy/creative:

1) Get active– I try to walk a lot during the weekends to get my steps not only to explore my surroundings but to get my heart pumping. I usually try to go for a hike for the incline and view of the city. There’s no better way to feel awake than to get your blood rushing and lungs filled with fresh air. I also tend to get my best ideas when I’m on a walk/run. I swear, fresh air gets your creative juices flowing. Maybe it’s because you’re surrounded by visual inspiration or because you’re getting a different perspective. Whatever the reason, there’s no doubt that getting out of the house is good for you.


Runyon Canyon (which unfortunately will be closed from 4/1-7/31/16)


2) Create and Organize. I always try to make something during the weekend. Whether it’s a meal I cook, a DIY project, or some writing, creating something helps me to organize my thoughts and express them. I get filled with creative energy and thoughts throughout the week that I have to release it somehow to make space for the week ahead. I love having productive mornings where I make/write/do something. The rest of the day is just that much easier and enjoyable. 🙂IMG_6995

3) Digital Detox. Did you know there’s an actual thing called the National Day of Unplugging? I didn’t know until a few weeks ago when my rare specimen and I went to an event where we had to turn in our phones upon entering. We spent the night enjoying live music, typewriting, coloring, and asking each other questions drawn from a bottle. I couldn’t take pictures, I couldn’t look at the clock on my phone, I couldn’t scroll through random things for over 2 hours and the time spend enjoying each other’s company without any distraction whatsoever was freeing and so pure. Every weekend, I try to put my phone on airplane mode for a few hours so that I cut the dependency we’ve all grown to have with our phone. I immediately feel less antsy and calm, and I end up enjoying whatever I’m doing that much more. I usually do this when I’m on the hike (kill two birds with one stone) or when I’m writing. Turn off your phone (a reboot is good for it anyway), shut off social media and stop aimlessly scrolling. Fill it with more productive and healthier habits 🙂


From the unplug LA event 



What do you do every weekend to reboot and recalibrate for the week ahead in business and life?

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Let me know and find me on instagram. Hope you had a great weekend. 🙂


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