Memorable moments at the Met

After dinner one night over a year ago (sometime in January), my friend and I walked until we found ourselves in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art where we saw an elegantly dressed crowd exiting the museum. At the time, I had no idea anything happened afterhours at the Met (I guess I imagined something like those “Night at the museum” movies) so I said to my friend, “I want to attend a reception at the Met…!”

Lo and behold, just two days later I got invited to exactly that. Thanks to my active involvement in various non-profit organizations at the time, I was invited to attend my very first Lunar New Year reception at the Met. I even had a +1, so I invited a friend who had technically never been to the Met (only passed by it). We had been meaning to explore the museum together but never could find the time so I decided there would be no better way than to explore during what was sure to be a magical night at the Met-kill two birds with one stone, of course. It also gave me the perfect excuse to get all dressed up and fancy if only for a night.

Fast forward to the present and I have been fortunate enough to attend 5 receptions at the museum. The Met will always hold a special place in my heart because of all the wonderful memories it has given me, especially on my 5th and most recent trip…


Flashback photos alert!!!

Memorable moments at the Met 31

All dressed up for my very first Lunar New Year Reception at the Met.

Memorable moments at the Met 32

What it looked like over a year ago.

The Lunar New Year Reception included a private viewing of Chinese art in the Age of Revolution: Fu Baoshi (1904-1965)

Memorable moments at the Met 33Memorable moments at the Met 34

Without any tourists crowds or distractions. Can you imagine? It was amazing.

Where the actual reception was held: in the Temple of Dendur. (It got a lot more crowded after this photo was taken)

Memorable moments at the Met 35

My friend and I decided it would be a good idea to get hot dogs afterwards, all dressed up. Why not?

Memorable moments at the Met 36

The second time I was there was just a month or two after my first time to celebrate the New American Wing for Women’s history month.

Memorable moments at the Met 37

 It was in a different location this time.

Memorable moments at the Met 38

Memorable moments at the Met 39

Memorable moments at the Met 40

Memorable moments at the Met 41

Memorable moments at the Met 42

Memorable moments at the Met 43

I made a wish in this fountain.

I got to see one of my all time favorite paintings: Madame X.

Memorable moments at the Met 44

I got to be in the presence of some incredible women (both real and painted).Memorable moments at the Met 45

The third time was a viewing and reception for the Regarding Warhol, Sixty Artist Fifty Years exhibit which I talked about in depth in this post (photos and everything there)

The fourth time was for this year’s Lunar New Year Reception- the year of the Snake. Just like last year, it was held at the Temple of Dendur complete with dragon dance and chinese hors d’oeuvres.




And lastly, my 5th and most memorable visit was when I went to view the Impression, Fashion and Modernity exhibit for yet another Women’s History Month reception. This time I had a very special plus one guest.



My Sister!! For once, I wasn’t the youngest one there.


Believe it or not, it was my sister’s first time at the Met! I had to keep reminding her that it is not everyday that you get to dress up and go to a reception like this. Usually I’d feel strange spoiling her with such an experience but it was quite amazing being able to give her a “princess” moment/night. It’s moments like these when you realize how fast time flies and how quickly we grow up! crazy.

I’m pretty sure she was just overwhelmed by the whole night and all the energy and beauty surrounding us even though she might not have realized it at the time. She did thank me later for a lovely night which was cute.


Out of all the exhibits I’ve seen at receptions, this was definitely the most relatable to me since I study fashion. I even noticed some garments borrowed from the Museum of FIT which was great to see.


One of my favorite paintings of the night was Soirée by Jean BéraudIMG_2343

This exhibit is on display until May 27 and I recommend you go see it. See how fashion has transformed over the decades by looking at these beautiful paintings.

I’m so grateful for invitations to attend these events and for the opportunity to share these nights with people I care about. By being active in the community, I’ve been fortunate to meet people early in my college career who like my company enough to invite me and trust that I’m capable of behaving around grown-ups. Be yourself and look for those people who believe in you. Cultivate those relationships. 


The next time you see someone doing something you’d like to see yourself doing, Dream it, believe it and achieve it.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art- 1000 Fifth Avenue (at 82nd Street)

Impressionism Fashion Modernity exhibit info

They have a College Group at the Met with events just like these except with college students if you’re interested!

Check it out. and have your own magical night at the Met.

Learn more about the group, get involved

“You are forgiven for your happiness and your successes only if you generously consent to share them.” -Albert Camus

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