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In Business and Life- the Blog-  This blog began as an attempt to record my musings- observations,hopes, fears, dreams- and experiences as a GEN Y girl working, living and learning in New York City… But now I’m in Los Angeles (as of July 2015) and I’m using this blog to share what I do/see/think/eat in my new life adventure.

I am a recent graduate navigating the world all while figuring out what I want to do, what I like and the person I want to be in business and life. Everything you read here is 100% honest. I’m not the best writer- that I know and will freely admit- but I do have a lot of ideas and thoughts. I’m hoping that by sharing them, I will be able to make at least one other person feel less alone and more understood. My hope is that my blog will provide perspective for positive change and most importantly, it will make you think. I also don’t get paid for anything that I post or write about here so you can rest assured everything is real. (If anything is a gift, I will mention it)

Tag along for the ride! We’re in this together.

I’m always exploring and looking for awesome people to interview, delicious things to eat and cool things to see. If you know of anything I should check out, please say hi/ Contact/Email me here

And of course, follow me on instagram to see what I’m up to in business and life.

Name:     AndreaM     Location: New York, NY Los Angeles, California

In Business: a 24 year old post-grad millennial working full time

In Life: I write and talk about what I like and think about.

About Me:

Ambitious, (unapologetically) honest, thoughtful. Lover of beauty. Dream chaser. Always learning. Inspired to Inspire. Allergic to average and apathy.

My M.O.

The kind of woman I aim to be everyday.

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Loving your Instagram because I’m a fan of good food and people who appreciate good food. Welcome to L.A!


Nice blog, you seem like an interesting and focused person 🙂

Heena Rathore P.

Hi. Just stumbled upon your profile on Quora. Lovely blog 🙂


Amazing stuff! Keep it up Andrea!


i like your blog.very truth