Hi! I’m Andrea.

Let’s talk about you first:

YOU are 

YOU aspire to live an awesome life.
Normal isn’t fun to you. You’re allergic to average and apathy. You have crazy amazing opportunities in store for you in business and life. You strive to achieve your wildest dreams in a sustainable, authentic, feel-good way. A way that resonates deep down to your soul. It feels magical.  You’re always open to healthy change in your life and willing to push through the fear and put in the work to make it happen.

You aren’t perfect but you are pretty freaking awesome. 

You are always looking for “better”, so that you can operate with ease and joy in the world. 
You are on a mission to continually improve and learn. You love to evolve. You are deeply committed to the lifelong quest of self-improvement. You know that the best has yet to come. You are building and working on something that can last you for many many years ahead, in business and life. It’s not always easy but you’re committed to yourself.

You value your mental health and well-being.  

You know that it all begins and ends with you. You understand that well-being is the foundation for sustainable happiness and true success. You are ambitious, hard working and driven, but you also want time and space for the “simple things” whatever that may mean to you. You work with others and want to better serve them by being a better person.

You are a Rare Specimen™.

 You adore this world no matter how crazy it may seem sometimes. You know that your actions, words, thoughts affect not just yourself but those around you. You inspire, teach and take care of others. You strive to live a life of contribution and impact. You aren’t afraid to go after your dreams, in fact you’re on your way to achieving them now, all while maintaining your sanity, peace and creativity.  



 AndreaM in Business and Life

Hi, I’m AndreaM. 

What began as a personal blog, as an attempt to record my musings, observations, hopes, fears, dreams and experiences, has now become my life-long passion and work of sharing self discovery, healing and transformation with others.

I share myself and my work by serving others as:

a breathwork facilitator.
 I use the power of breath and breathwork to help you breakthrough stuck emotions, old thoughts… whatever you are going through.

a coach and facilitator

Breathwork by itself is powerful, but with mindset training and practical tools, you are able to create sustainable change and integrate new paradigm thinking into your everyday life through conscious language and action.

an entrepreneur.
I am the creator of Rare Specimen, a shop dedicated to those rare kind of individuals that seem to good to exist but are real!

a writer.
You can read my thoughts on my Instagram or Blog. I pour my heart there.

What you need to know about me:

You can always count on me to be firm but loving. If you are willing to do this work, I am here to stand for your greatness.

I aspire to be a giver. A giver of Love. A giver of good Energy. A giver of Strength. 

I strive to be the kind of woman other women (and men) want in their life to up their game.

I am allergic to average and apathy.  

I’m a supporter of audacious goals because I believe they are possible when you are committed to your happiness, self-transformation and self-healing.

If this resonates with you, you are in the right place and I hope what you find here will ignite and inspire you to love deeply, feel deeply, live fully and share/serve boundlessly.

Let’s work together! We’re in this together.

And of course, follow me on instagram to see what I’m up to in business and life.


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Loving your Instagram because I’m a fan of good food and people who appreciate good food. Welcome to L.A!


Nice blog, you seem like an interesting and focused person 🙂

Heena Rathore P.

Hi. Just stumbled upon your profile on Quora. Lovely blog 🙂


Amazing stuff! Keep it up Andrea!


i like your blog.very truth

G Chan
G Chan

Go for it!