Afternoon Tea with Jee (from Oh How Civilized)

I love afternoon tea. Other 20-somethings might prefer the loud crowded settings of a dive bar or club where you can barely hear the person standing right in front of you… I much prefer the quiet murmur of an intimate setting. Oh how lovely- the natural light, the delicate china and the soothing teas. There’s no hangover, loss of hearing or “what did she/he say?” moments. Not to mention, the sweets, the scones, the savories are all bite sized and almost too beautiful to eat.

Who better to accompany me on my most recent afternoon tea adventure than the blogger who introduced me to the world of afternoon tea: Jee, the blogger behind Oh How Civilized?

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I can’t remember exactly how I stumbled upon her blog but I do know that it’s where I found out about the Pierpont Morgan Library (now one of my favorite places in New York) and where I learned how to tell where I am in Central Park. In fact, it’s because I read her post on her top 5 afternoon tea spots in New York that I had a birthday tea party last year (Read my blog post about that here). Whenever I’m on her blog, a sense of calm washes over me and I get entranced by her beautiful photos. Plus, I always learn something new. 

Afternoon Tea with Jee (from Oh How Civilized) 1

From last year!

It was only until yesterday that I finally met her in person. We decided to meet at BG restaurant at Bergdorf Goodman. I prepped myself by reading her review and was excited to sit in one of the domed “whisper” chairs. We were seated farther inside the venue in a cozier nook which I really enjoyed because I got to people watch and survey the venue. Also as Jee mentions in her review, the tables by the window are a bit close together, which I’m not a fan of either, even if there is a view of Grand Army Plaza and Central Park.

photo 3 (2)

A peek of my teapot and the bottom half of our bites

photo 2

The whisper chairs by the window (where we didn’t sit but those are the chairs!)

photo 1 (1)

We spent two hours chatting (and when I say chatting I mean me picking her brain) about everything from her career path to blogging. I ordered the Jardin Bleu tea which was fruity- just how I like it- and enjoyed every bite of the sandwiches, scones and sweets. I was quite satisfied by the end. There’s nothing more filling than good food and good company.

After talking with her I’m looking forward to checking out more of the places she mentions on her blog and feeling motivated to blog more. I’m always impressed by how her site is always evolving and improving and it encourages me to do the same.

My 23rd birthday is coming up soon. Perhaps another birthday tea party!? Jee spoke so highly of The Pembroke Room at The Lowell… Next on my list maybe?

For better and yummier pictures of the afternoon tea experience at Bergdorf’s, take a look at her post here. If you want to get started on your afternoon tea adventures, I recommend starting with her “Top 5 places in New York for Afternoon Tea” post.

Don’t blame me if you keep clicking and spend hours reading! (You’ll probably thank me later) 🙂

Oh and for you Crazy Rich Asian fans, here’s her review on Tea and Sympathy (Yes it’s a real place!), the restaurant where Nicholas asks Rachel to accompany him on his trip back home to Singapore to meet his family.

Let me know if you check out any great afternoon tea places! They’re great for meals whether it be in business or life, am I right?

Thank you Jee for your time and teaching me something new!

To great conversations and great tea,


Comelet us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things.” – Chaim Potok

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