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I’m not in the Upper East side too often but it seems that whenever I make the trip, it is always a good time. The last time I visited The Asia Society was to see Maureen Chiquet the CEO of Chanel speak and before that, I learned more about the design scene in Hong Kong and even at my first visit to the Asia Society, I discovered the Shanghai Restoration Project (my favorite song of theirs, here). I learn something new or meet someone great every single time I visit and I’m happy to report my most recent trip to the Asia Society was no different, maybe even the best visit yet!


What do you think of the collage I made!?

IMG_3462After a long day at the Ideas City festival I was looking forward to trying the signature Leotini (learn how they make it here) at the Open House at Asia Society in celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. I invited a few of my friends to come meet me after work because I hadn’t seen them in awhile and surprisingly they had never heard/been to the Asia Society! While I was waiting for them, I enjoyed the free museum tours and live jazz. I had heard great things about one of their exhibitions The artful recluse so I was excited to see that, for free! The whole Artful Recluse exhibit brought me a sense of peace and calm but one particular piece had some text that struck me: “Mr Pan is fond of hidden solitude. Never seeking wealth he is always content. His heart is like water. His form like arid wood.”

Visiting that exhibit helped me to escape the chaos of life, which also happened to be the theme of the works. I also loved reading the captions and stumbling across bits of chinese words to add to my vocabulary.



Asia Represent at Asia Society 1

Photo from New York TImes. Read more  here

IMG_3464IMG_3470Once my friends came, we grabbed some food from the Korean food truck Korilla BBQ. In line, we made a new friend who happened to be visiting from Hawaii just for the weekend. The crowd- and it was quite a large crowd/turnout- was diverse, which was great. From what I saw, the open house was a success. People were enjoying the generous discount at the Asia Store,  great conversation and good company over Leotinis and other cocktails, not to mention the 25% off membership.


And to top it off, they had an area where you could write your connection to Asia and take a photo.  AS

I love how everyone has their different stories and reasons but we all have interest in Asia. That’s how and what Asia Society should be, don’t you think? Take a look at the photos that were taken throughout the night to read what people wrote!

Here’s mine. What’s your connection to Asia?


Couldn’t have had a better time at this event to celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. Thank you Asia Society for a thoughtfully planned event and an incredibly fun night!

If you’ve never been, they have a wide range of events planned ahead from film screenings (there’s one with Jackie Chan!), to leadership forums, to panel discussions. See what piques your interest here

Plus there’s always the museum you can visit. See what they have planned next, here: Upcoming exhibitions 

Asia Society and Museum- 725 Park Ave (at 70th st)-

“When we enlarge our view of the world, we deepen our understanding of our own lives.”
– Yo-Yo Ma, Cellist

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