Awesome Asian American Women dinner

In the beginning of 2016, I posted this online on Twitter and Facebook.


This was about 4/5 months after I moved to LA, but finding my “tribe” has been something that I’ve been on the lookout for, for as long as I can remember. I simply “put it out there” literally on the internet, so that anyone who saw it, or fit the bill would maybe, hopefully see it (or I would just naturally attract it) and we would meet in due time. You might remember it’s been on my mind to host some kind of dinner in my Little Meats blog post.

Months later after I wrote that tweet, I’m happy to say that I’ve come across a lot of awesome ladies doing/creating amazing things. Last night, I had a handful of them join me for dinner so we could talk about who we are, what we’re working on and what we’re looking for/forward to. Some of these women I had already met at some point this past year and a few I had been in contact with somehow, but all of them were happy to drive from all corners of LA on a Friday night to meet me and other like minded people. I was more than happy.

I chose The District by Hannah An as the venue, since I had long waited for an occasion to eat The District’s famous Hannah’s Homemade Noodles ever since I tried them at a food event. Hannah An is also an Asian American female chef, so I felt it was appropriate for the first AAAW dinner 🙂

It was a good choice. The interior was beautiful, modern and elegant.


I ordered the Crab and Uni Housemade noodles. 3 of us at the table actually order the same thing and ate every last bite. SO YUM.




Group picture of the 7 of us:


gah my hair looks so blonde!!!

Who are these ladies, you might ask? From left to right:

Minji: Actress, community activist and entrepreneur who by day leads the non-profit organization called Kollaboration showcasing Asian Pacific Islander American artists, and in general is a passionate creator. You might have heard her on the Kollab podcast  where they talk about/ with other Asian American artists, seen her in the most recent Naja campaign or laughed at her Buzzfeed videos where she impersonates her mom. Their next event is on July 16 in LA if you want to go! Check it out here.

Elizabeth: Founder of Link of Hearts which might sound familiar if you read my blogpost on the necklace I have. Link of Hearts sells jewelry designs to raises depression awareness. For every product you purchase, they give a symbol of hope to someone battling depression or anyone in need of inspiration. In my past blogpost, Elizabeth and I go deep into the topic of Mental Health and how that’s played a role in who we are today.

Kathy: The beauty and business brain behind Snow Monster, an innovative desserts store. I tried one of their amazing customizable macaron ice cream sandwiches at the Westminster location and it was love at first bite. If you haven’t tried or gone before, you HAVE to go. None in LA just yet, but you bet once it’s here I’ll be a frequent customer. Check out locations here

Me!! You know me from reading my blog/Quora and following my instagram. 🙂

Yumi:  You might have seen “I Think I Am in Friend-Love With You” go viral on the internet. Well Yumi is the illustrator/comic book artist behind that universal truth/sentiment. She’s also the author of “Your Illustrated Guide to Becoming One with the Universe” and “THERE IS NO RIGHT WAY TO MEDITATE: AND OTHER LESSONS.” Basically, she describes all of the feelings and thoughts you’ve probably had, beautifully in her drawings. Check out her stuff here.

Ada: A journalist and writer by profession and overall pop culture and Asian Arts enthusiast. She’s the one who most likely knows about things before it happens as mentioned in this article. She also hosts a podcast, Bullet Train, and is the woman behind Haiku for Hotties, a calendar with Haikus written by Asian hotties. If you would like to see a calendar for 2017, be sure to tweet her @adatseng with who you’d like to see!

Jenny: You might recognize her from some very viral Buzzfeed videos like “Odd Ways our Asian moms say I Love You” and “If Asians said the stuff White people say.” She’s a stand up comedian and mastermind behind the first-ever, mostly female, Asian American standup comedy tour, Disoriented Comedy, and The Comedy Comedy Festival: A Comedy Festival, a comedy festival showcasing the best in Asian American comedic talent.

These above descriptions don’t really do justice to all of what they’re all about so be sure to check them out and show them some love.


Having all of these ladies in the same room was all sorts of powerful. I am so inspired by how they all do different things in different ways, but they are so uniquely themselves and that empowers me to do the same. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for all of us.

Also, there will DEFINITELY be another one of these AAAW dinners in the future.

In the meantime, exciting things to come. I hope you’ll follow me on instagram to go on this adventure with me in my second year of living and AndreaMing in LA!!


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