This is for the women who strive to be the

If you're reading this....
1) Take a breath. Happy to have you here. I created a playlist for BEYOND. You can listen to it here in case you're curious.
2) Welcome to a World where: Listening > Advice. Clarifying, questioning and checking in> Assumption.
Being > Doing... 
It's not about learning more "things", it's about deepening what you already know, and identifying what has served you in survival, but not as you move towards something more and better.

There is space AND structure.... pause AND action. Clarity, confidence, connection as a result. Deeper trust in yourself, the process, the world. 

There's a lot you want to do, be and have in this lifetime. For yourself, your (blood and chosen) family, communities and the future. What would it be like to be surrounded by other committed and powerful women of Pan-Asian descent, doing something similar in their own way? Where we can acknowledge how our parents and culture has shaped our identity, and OWN the one we're consciously creating for ourselves? 

If you believe that you're ready to write and rise to your next level...  and believe it is better when you have trusted support along the journey to amplify and expand your well-being and evolution...

Read on to see if you're down to go BEYOND, together.

of a different way- where work and life honors all of your humaness, and includes your Asianness. 





BEYOND is my offering and response to what I see missing in the world, and what I believe we can deepen in community.

What we will explore and go deeper into:


Identify and Acknowledge your Origin Story. 

We all have unique lived experiences that contribute to our current way of operating. We will explore how our family culture and expectations, societal culture, ethnic culture has all contributed to our worldview and therefore our habits, thoughts, beliefs, and way of being. 


What kind of human/leader/parent/partner/being do you want to be?

Our gift and contribution to the world is not just in our resilience and willingness to try again, it's in being the change we want to see, what we believe in, and the vision we have for what's possible.

Let's dream bigger and connect it to action we can take and make, today.


A sense of belonging, home and inner power.

Have you ever felt like you could fit in everywhere, but not belong anywhere? Like you had so many different parts of you and didn't know how they all fit?

Let's explore how this show up in your experience and how that supports, amplifies, limits and/or holds you back. 


If you've done any sort of innerwork you may have come across Inner Child work, Inner Mentor, your future self.

Something we'll explore together is connecting to your Inner Ancestor- the presence and energy of what comes before us, how it contributes to our present moment and impacts our future. Our Inner Ancestor helps to keep us rooted and supported when creating something new/on your own terms... 

a deep and Honest AF,
space for transformation,

Each week will be structured and facilitated to go beyond the surface level, so you can go deeper with yourself in the presence of others and walk out with the action steps and support to create an aligned and forwarding outcome, in every area of your life.

This is for you if you are committed to showing up for yourself, willing and able to be part of a life forwarding, culturally sensitive, trauma sensitive, humanity centered space…AND are also ready to take action steps and be accountable to yourself so that you can create the impact, relationships and business that you desire.

If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.

Bruce Lee

beyond. be you. be your undefinable self.

We will meet on these dates:

Opening Ceremony:
Saturday February 11th, 1-3 pm ET

Live Calls on Wednesday evenings 4:30-6 pm PT/ 7:30-9 pm ET:
February 15th, 22nd
March 8th, 22nd, 29th
April 5th, 19th, 26th

Closing Ceremony:
Saturday May 6th 1-3 pm ET

**If you are international and in a different time zone, but would like to be part of this first cohort/generation, please let me know. I may add another group/time slot!**


What’s included:
- 10 live experiential calls with guided exercises to go deeper with cultural, individual, identity innerwork.
-Access to a private group in a private community through a separate app (Geneva), which will be home to your shares: 'behind the scenes' thoughts, realizations, celebrations, memes, pics, inspo, takeaways, etc. in between gatherings. 
-Lifetime access to the recordings in case you miss any gathering/want to rewatch
-A diverse group of other Asian women who are also consciously creating their life to be on this journey with you  (+ me, your facilitator). 

Early bird pricing: $1997 until January 30th, $2497 until spots fill up/doors close February 8th

Whether the world is ready or not, here you are. Here we are.

Any questions? feel free to email me or DM me on instagram

I’m Andrea, she/her, currently based in Philadelphia, Korean-American daughter of immigrants. Cyclebreaking Queen. Life and leadership coach with a specialization on high achieving entrepreneurs, leaders and creatives of Pan-Asian descent. This program will provide you the tools, conversations, resources, inspiration and support to start/continue creating a life where you are the leader in your work, relationships, life, health, all of it. Through expanded consciousness and practical action, you are available for more freedom, more impact and more fulfillment. Are you excited?!
My only request is that you give yourself permission to question all of your old beliefs, patterns, habits, and ways of being and doing-- and instead, start trying out a different way.
It can feel risky, uncomfortable, strange and also completely life changing and thrilling. I’ll be right here alongside you, along with other daughters and descendants. You don’t need to do it alone.