Biking Bliss

For years, I’ve been running along the Hudson River next to bikers in their spandex gear, shiny helmets and glistening sunglasses. To me, biking didn’t really seem like a workout and it didn’t seem fair they could go faster and farther than I could on foot. For me biking was a leisure sport done in cute clothes.

Boy was I wrong. (photos after the jump)

The last time I was on a bike must have been about 10+ years ago and I have been craving to go bike riding in the city ever since, to see what it was like if not to relive some wonderful childhood memories. This past Saturday, I put aside any concerns and tagged along with my friend to go bike riding on a beautiful day. I wasn’t exactly dressed properly (i was wearing “cute clothes”) but I’m happy to say I could keep up (except for steep inclines) because I go running!

I was SO excited and hyped up on endorphins before I even got my bike rental.  Needless to say, I felt like a kid again. The weather was so beautiful and I got to see the Hudson River in a completely different way. I could not have been happier.

Didn’t want to flood my instagram with these photos so here is yet another blog post with exclusive photos just for those reading. Hope this inspires you to take a mini vacation when you can and to do something you have wanted to do for awhile. It is truly amazing how in New York you can start in one place and in just 10 minutes you can find yourself in a completely different neighborhood. I forgot I was even in New York for a couple hours.

Biking Bliss 13

biked all the way up to the George Washington Bridge!

Biking Bliss 14

Biking Bliss 15

Views from the George Washington Bridge
Biking Bliss 16

Biking Bliss 17

west egg, east egg maybe?

Biking Bliss 18

view below

Biking Bliss 19

Biking Bliss 20

Biking Bliss 21

Biking Bliss 22

Lansky’s Banana bread and strawberry butter blew my mind and I’m not a bread and butter person

Biking Bliss 23

God light to finish off the day

Best $25 I have spent in a while, to say the least.

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