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As I mentioned, I met some lovely ladies at the Levo Launch Party.

What’s great about doing business is that you can do great work and look good while doing it.  In fact, these days, that’s what sets you apart from everyone else just doing their job. Looking good can even make you do better work!  Starting today, I’ll be introducing some ladies I met that stood out. You might want to take notes!

Meet Zara. She’s studying finance but she’s anything but a business bore.

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Black and blue together may have been a faux pas in the fashion rule book, but this season it’s everywhere. It’s a rich and dramatic look that can easily be pulled off by anyone since the pairing of blues range from cobalt to navy. The best part is black and blue are standard “business colors” but putting them together makes a bold look even for professional attire.

 Now this isn’t to say “go and get a cobalt blue blazer right now”. Seeing as how black and blue was previously a fashion “no-no” use your best judgment when putting together an outfit appropriate for your own personal style and occasion. Kate Hudson, Audrina Patridge, and Amanda Seyfried, are all fans of the gorgeous, smoky look but Kate Hudson’s ensemble is the most appropriate for work/business.

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Don’t be afraid to experiment! More ideas and inspiration to come in future posts.

Our generation is all about putting a fresh and modern perspective on what was previously avoided or “wrong”. As you’ll see in future posts this is directly translatable to fashion and clothing.

Here’s to new perspectives!

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