Stop and Think

I just renewed my domain for another year. I guess you’re stuck with me writing at for the year ahead. I’m not giving up on this blog 🙂

With this renewal I’d like to share something with you- a secret-that has guided me in writing blog posts.


a random (and rare) photo of me (thoughtfully) eating. Not really related but i do like the photo 🙂

Before I publish a post, I always ask myself, “Did you THINK?”

Here is how it was described on Quora where I read it (one of my favorite websites/apps).

“Do you THINK before you speak

T– is it true

H– is it helpful

I– is it inspiring

N- is it necessary

K– is it kind

When I first came across this 2/3 years ago, when I started this blog, it was mind blowing to me. First time I ever heard such a thing. By consciously incorporating it into my thought process and publishing process over the years, it has naturally become embedded in my behavior and I hope, my blog. I’ve become even more thoughtful in everything I do and say.

Think. Think. Think before you express yourself. What you say and do says a lot about you. Let it be a good message. And even if it’s not a good message, at least let it be honest, because regardless of what is said and done, at least you can say it was honest: you won’t regret it because it’s how you felt and what you meant at the time. The world would be a bit different I think if everyone was just a bit more honest- with themselves and others. That’s all I can really promise to you with this blog. I might not always post about the latest trends in fashion. I might not post often. My posts might contain horrible spelling and grammatical errors, but everything that you have read so far and everything that I write here will be real, honest and motivated by THINK.

Let’s all THINK more shall we? In business and life of course.

With love,



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