Suggestions for Breathwork

Suggestions for Breathwork 3

Here’s How to set yourself up for a Breathwork sessioN

  • Schedule cushion time for you to ease in and out of the breathwork session. I would recommend that you do not jump right into something afterwards to allow for grounding and integration.
  • Turn off notifications, use the restroom and sign into the room at least 5 minutes before class begins to get settled in. Have your sacred space set up for you to fully receive the benefits of Breathwork. Consider this a Sacred practice, because it is and because your mind, body and spirit matters. 
  • The Zoom room will be closed 5 minutes after the start of class. Have your sacred space already set up. Whatever crystals, essential oils, oracle decks or spiritual tools you’d like to bring for yourself if you have/like are welcome.
  • Dress comfortably
  • Have a blanket available if you tend to get cold easily or want to make yourself more comfortable.
  • Don’t eat anything 2-3 hours before. Plan to eat afterwards. If you do eat make it something light (like a banana).
  • Drink water beforehand and especially afterwards.
  • Show up and let go of expectations! Come open and ready to breathe.

Post SESSION care

  • Drink plenty of water to support with the clearing of toxins and processing of old energy. Flush it out!
  • Free Journal or what I like to call Brain Dump.
  • Be as tech-free as possible and bask in your stillness. Enjoy the spaciousness you’ve created!!
  • If you can take a bath – I recommend sea salt (not table salt) over epsom salt – enjoy a soak to clear other energies from your auric field. If not, taking a cleansing shower and imagining white light clearing you with the water is an alternative.
  • Eat a grounding meal afterward