12 week group transformational journey


12 week group transformational journey


Join a supportive community of other women who are committed to living a life on their own terms. 

Discover what lies beneath your biggest stressors and blocks in life and start making connections between past hurts with any feelings of stress or anxiety, confusion, or imbalance.

Work towards your goals from a place of clarity and empowerment.

Keep reading if you are ready to:

  • Accelerate your growth with the support of a like-spirited, always evolving, vulnerable and powerful group of women.
  • Be the leader in your Life despite any past or current circumstance
  • Change your relationship with your emotions (especially anxiety and stress) and your Saboteur (that inner critic that keeps you in fear).
  • Equip yourself with the communication, energetic, mindset and intuitive tools to shift on a daily basis.


  • 8 lessons and follow up integration assignments all on Conscious Living and Leadership (Value $1,500+)
  • 8 group coaching calls to support with practice of the topics learned (Value $2000+)
  • 4 group breathwork sessions for emotional release for cyclebreakers only (value $600+)
  • 24/7 access to a private group for you to share and celebrate your wins! (priceless)
  • A closing ceremony (which includes a final breathwork session) with your fellow Cyclebreakers (Value: $350+)

gifts + BONUSES:

  • Casual Welcome Gathering with your fellow Cyclebreakers
  • Pre-work for you to get clear on what this journey will be for you
  • Opening Kick Off Ceremony to create Sacred Space and intention for yourself and each other for the next 3 months of your growth and transformation
  • Integration weeks with group workshops for intimacy and empowerment
  • Guided group Activations with body centered practices to support you in staying inspired, clear and abundant during the journey. Including but not limited to energy clearing tools, self care rituals, manifestation practices.



This IS for you if:

  • You have tried traditional talk therapy or are wanting something more after finding that piecing together your own self development work is missing something.
  • You are ready to shed the over analyzer, perfectionist and toxic achiever to become a master shifter and in tune with your energy
  • You want to be in the presence of other like spirited women who are evolving, conscious and powerful!
  • You who have worked with a coach or therapist before and seek a somatic/body centered/holistic approach with practices to support you on a daily basis.
  • You are ready and committed to your journey of healing, growth and up-leveling.
  • You are ready to reinvent and re-write over old stories of the past
  • You are committed to having a stronger connection to your body and intuition. You're ready to co-create with The Universe intentionally!
  • You are feeling like there must be more to life and you’d like to open yourself up to experiencing it
  • You’d like to regain a sense of purpose, tranquility and meaning in life to start sharing your gifts!

This IS NOT for you if:

  • Do not want to uncover or uproot the reasons you’re feeling unsatisfied in life
  • Do not believe there is anything wrong with your current life or that there is anything you can do to change it
  • Do not want to dig deep, do the work and receive the support needed to achieve radical healing and transformation
  • Are unwilling to let go of any past hurts, traumas, and energies that have been holding you back
  • Are wanting to stay inside your head, not accessing your body, heart and spirit


This program is inspired and built for the Cyclebreakers, #THEONESTHATDID.

Break the Cycle is for the womxn who are ready to: embrace their intuition in a deeper way, step into their power, AND be seen, heard and supported by The Universe and other powerful women also paving their own path. My way of coaching is to shift and transform not just your mindset, but your energy, communication and relationship with your past hurts/traumas. With mindfulness, breathwork, community, practical action steps and powerful questioning you can change your life, from the inside out.

I created this program as the accumulation of the last 3+ years of not only my own healing and transformational journey but also the coaching I’ve facilitated for individuals over the years. I’ve invested over $25k in my personal, professional and spiritual development. I am a certified breathwork facilitator, trained by David Elliott, having completed all levels 1-4. I am Usui Reiki Level I & II certified.  I’ve facilitated, coached and have created/held space for thousands of people. I now invite you to experience what is possible when you commit to living a life of rewriting over old beliefs, not just in your mind but from your body, heart and spirit. 

This work is somatic, holistic, integrative, for deep transformation. I’ve created a unique program with combined modalities, that you will not find anywhere else. Let’s cry, laugh, celebrate, grow and break generational cycles together.

If you’re ready to break the cycle,  let’s chat to see if you’re a fit!! I can’t wait to connect with you.

Schedule a call with me to see if this is a fit for you


Enrollment closes November 19th, 2020

Upfront payment $1,550 USD ($50 accounts for processing fees)

Extended payment plans available (3, 6, 8 months)

Additional private 1:1 support available:

4 private 45 min calls for support and integration throughout the program, at a discounted rate

$550 (a $750 value)

This group will be for 8 women committed to their personal and spiritual growth for the next 12 weeks, in an intimate container. 

This program is thoughtfully designed to offer the gift of community, and also for smaller group/partner interaction. You will be connecting with both current and past cyclebreakers!

Schedule a call with me to see if this is a fit for you