California is kind of perfect for me

I’ve been here for a few months now (it’ll be officially 2 months in a day or two)! At this point, I’m pretty sure the initial novelty has worn off. That being said, I think it’s safe to say: California/LA is perfect for me. (side note: if you’re not sure why I’m in LA in the first place, read my blog post on why I moved, here).

Reason #1) NATURE. 

I love nature. I grew up spending a lot of time in playgrounds, parks and jungle gyms. Climbing trees and collecting flowers/stones are fond childhood memories. There’s something about nature and its beauty that puts me at instant ease.  Whether it’s the ocean view or the colors of the flowers that line the streets, I always perk up at the sight of palm trees and plants here in LA. The beauty of this city never ceases to amaze me and it constantly fuels my happiness and curiosity. I can grab my laptop and lay outside to get some work done, sit at the beach and read, walk on the pier and take in the scent of the sea, or my favorite: go hiking (without having to go far from the city) for that incredible city view that reminds me of the bigger picture.

California is kind of perfect for me 33
California is kind of perfect for me 34  California is kind of perfect for me 35
California is kind of perfect for me 36     California is kind of perfect for me 37
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Here in LA, the retail sale of alcoholic beverages ends at 2 AM, which means you’ll go out and be home in bed relatively early for a night out. Honestly, you’re asking the wrong person to begin with because I’m a bit of a grandma and don’t go out to party much anyway. When I drink, it’s most likely a glass of wine or a cocktail or two over conversation, not to rage until the crack of dawn and wake up with a huge hangover. Either way, things end and close early here. In terms of food, healthy, organic, fresh food here is not a trend, it’s a lifestyle. Being relaxed, “at one with yourself” and taking your time to enjoy life is a core value not an after effect. The kind of food I like to eat willingly- acai bowls, kale anything, fruit- are ripe and abundant here. It’s rare that I spend money on it only to find that it’s not of quality. (Side note: the avocadoes here are ridiculously delicious). Maintaining shape and health is a natural mentality in California- you just want to look good and feel good in the t-shirts you’re most likely wearing because it’s laid back.

California is kind of perfect for me 40

California is kind of perfect for me 41

3) Street art and visual eye candy everywhere 

I’m a street art junkie so this one probably only applies to me… but I love how street art is everywhere! I recently did a periscope video on this (I recently started using it and you can watch me live at @inbusandlife) where I pointed out how in LA there are a lot of murals and “planned” art, whereas in New York it seems more like random tagging.

Street art is on the walls, sidewalks, electrical fixtures, poles, stickers and yet it doesn’t feel invasive or dirty, if anything it feels like a surprise or inviting conversation.

 There’s always so much to look at and see if only you’re open to keeping an eye out for it. I know people don’t really walk here in Los Angeles but I enjoy doing so to find hidden gems. California is kind of perfect for me 42

California is kind of perfect for me 43  California is kind of perfect for me 44
California is kind of perfect for me 45  California is kind of perfect for me 46

California is kind of perfect for me 47

Not mentioned: The slower pace, space and weather, because they’re a given here in Los Angeles.

I’m falling more and more in love with LA as I get settled here. Hope it’s happy to have me here too 🙂

California is kind of perfect for me 48

Anything you love about LA that I missed?

Still so much to explore.


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