Clothes encounters

I’m usually the one behind the camera (which is why it’s rare that you’ll see photos of me on my blog) but on my third day at New York Fashion Week, I got photographed. Twice!


Say Hi to Gene

I was waiting for a show to begin and just walking inside the tents when I stopped for a moment (probably to take a picture of something) and someone came up to me and asked if he could take my photo. Confused, since there were plenty of other people around me a lot more fashionably dressed than I was (by fashion week standards), I said “Wait, me?” and he says “Yes, you.” I say “Sure…” reluctantly and then awkwardly pose for the camera.


He tells me that it’s because I’m not trying he felt like it would make a good photo for the site he was photographing for. You can check out other photos and vote for your favorite outfits here. Long story short, what began as a quick photo turned into a long conversation that covered anything from TV shows like SUITS (my fave) and Breaking Bad (which he recommended I watch), to how he ended up in the industry, to advice for after graduation. A conversation so long in fact that we needed to continue it while we waited in line for the Katya Leonovich show.( He invited me on a whim since he had an extra ticket and needless to say, we are now friends.) 🙂



As I walked out of the show, another person came up to me and asked if she could take a photo. Why not? (Excuse my wild hair)

IMG_1324 - Version 2

If there’s anything I learned from my encounter with these two random people, it’s to just be natural and nice.

Thank you to both Meghan and Gene for being brave enough to come up to me (i know how intimidating it can be in a sea of people), for photographing without being creepy, making me feel beautiful especially around such exotic and fashionable people but most importantly for being genuinely nice people in what can easily be a high-stress, tense and unfriendly atmosphere. You two made what could’ve been a really really long day into a very enjoyable one.

Oh and of course thank you for the photos! (how could i forget)

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