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Getting grounded challenge

Breathwork meditation

This is for you if you’ve been unclear on what you want, feeling stuck and/or are wanting a refresher on your Why.

If you've never experienced Breathwork (the two part breath) with me, this is an introductory, general session to start with!

$97 - Instant Access


free worksheet

Through this guided meditation, you will receive your own "I am" statement straight from your own heart and Soul

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Download Now

Want to get a glimpse of what’s possible for YOU?

My gift, a free future self visualization/meditation for you to see and feel beyond what you might be currently thinking is possible for you. 
Get out of your head, into your heart and body. See through an expanded vision

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I am living an incredibly fulfilling life, and breathwork and coaching with Andrea is the secret key to unlocking that within me. I initially tried it out to relieve stress from being an entrepreneur, but what I actually learned over time was how to shift my mindset, manifest powerful visions, listen to my heart, let go of what no longer served me, stay grounded, be intentional, and become the sexiest, most badass version of myself. Business, life, and love feel easy now, and breathwork is the key, transformational practice that helped me get here. "

“Breathwork is THE KEY”

-Kevin, Los Angeles, Entrepreneur

Andrea has an incredible ability to bring out everything within you with such kindness and non-judgment, if you’re ready and open. Through her guidance and exercises, I was able to acknowledge the limiting beliefs I was still holding onto deep within me that were tied to the connections with my family and friends. I leave knowing what action to take to truly open myself up and create meaningful connections with the loved ones in my life, allowing me to begin the journey of owning my full power. I didn’t know that I could be so vulnerable for myself and in front of other people. I am so grateful to Andrea for creating such a safe space and an empowering experience for each individual who attended. If you’re ready to take your life to the next level, time with her can help you open up that door.

“If you’re ready and open”


Working with Andrea has been transformational in my way of Being. Our telegram portal has offered the space and support I was both craving and didn’t know I needed. At any time, whenever I need to speak something out loud, be supported, celebrated, witnessed, received and coached, I record a voice note or write out a message to Andrea. She always responds with presence and intention.

“Transformational in my way of being”

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