Crazy Rich Asians full cast with predictions- who is playing who?

As I write this, Crazy Rich Asians the movie is in production in Singapore (also in Malaysia).

I wrote a blogpost on who I would cast in the movie four years ago (August 2013) when I first read the book that summer. Then it was announced that it would be in fact made into a movie. As you can imagine, I was more than ecstatic and have been following developments on the book series/movies ever since. Though I was wrong in my casting in my original post, I’m happy I was because it only goes to show how much the world has changed and how much talent has emerged over the years.

News of the cast have been slowly announced and some of them have not been announced without roles.

Here’s what we know so far (as of June 14, 2017) and what my predictions for the rest of the cast will be. (I pulled photos that depicted each talent as how I imagine them in the book)

Nick Young- Henry Golding, Confirmed

Rachel Chu- Constance Wu, Confirmed

Goh Peik Lin- Nora Lum (Awkwafina), Confirmed

Eleanor Young- Michelle Yeoh, Confirmed

Astrid Leong- Gemma Chan, Confirmed

Araminta Lee- Sonoya Mizuno, Confirmed

Kerry Chu- Kheng Hua Tan, Confirmed 

Allistair Cheng- Remy Hii- Confirmed

Colin Khoo- Chris Pang Confirmed

Charlie Wu- Harry Shum Jr., Confirmed


Ken Jeong as Peik Lin’s Father, Wye Mun Goh

I’m thinking if Awkwafina is playing Peik Lin, she’s going to need an equally funny, energetic and quirky family member in the movie to support comedic banter at the dinner table.

Pierre Png as Michael Teo, Astrid’s husband

Just by pure process of elimination, he fits Michael’s profile of a “fiercely handsome Armed forces elite commando and a Caltech trained computer systems specialist” burdened by the weight his wife Astrid’s family fortune and status.

Jing Lusi as Amanda Ling

I imagine the British-Chinese actress as the perfect unassuming jealous ex-girlfriend of Nick Young. Charming but manipulative and so beautiful she should come with a warning sign.

Nico Santos as Oliver T’sien

Oliver is the source of most of the humorous commentary and advice when it comes to navigating the landscape of Asia and HNWI’s. In my mind, Nico as Oliver fits the profile of an ambiguously gay gossipy observer of the drama firsthand.

Fiona Xie as Kitty Pong

Based on her looks and the fun loving vibe I get from her photos, Fiona fits the profile of the sexy gold-digging soap opera star (and I mean this in the nicest way).

 Jimmy O Yang as Bernard Tai

I mean come on. Jimmy WOULD be the guy who throws the ridiculous bachelor party and goes way over-the-top with the theatrics of it all. He might look nice and friendly in this photo but as a comedian he can definitely pull off the a*shole role. I thought maybe Ken Jeong would play this role at first but he’s a bit too old for Bernard.

Ronny Chieng as Eddie Cheng

Ronny looks wise seriously reminds me of a lot of guys I’ve met (both in US and Asia) who work in banking with how he can pull off the smug looking face to hide all of the insecurities of not being enough (just like his character in the book). Aside from that though, he can definitely pull off the verbally abusive comments aimed at his children, the over the top conspicuous consumption and the short temper characteristic of the role.

Kris Aquino as Felicity Young (or another tai tai friend of Eleanor Young)

Rumors of the Filipino actress joining the cast for a minor role have been floating around and though not completely confirmed I think she would be great as one of the members of Eleanor’s Young gossip crew/tai tai entourage.

I also can’t wait to see what child actors and others there will be to play Nick’s dad, the bachelorette crowd and just the background of the extravagant parties in general!

What are your thoughts? Am I right or off base again?



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