As you might’ve seen on my instagram and even snapchat, I had the pleasure of attending the Create and Cultivate conference in Downtown Los Angeles, this past weekend.

I’ve been to my fair share of conferences on both coasts, and I can say, hands down, without a doubt, Create and Cultivate is one that is planned with the upmost detail and creativity. Every inch of the space was masterfully planned out with seating, charging stations, fixtures, sticker hashtags and even snacks. There was always someone or something to look at or explore. It was a pinterest dream and of course, very instagrammable, considering the target market is for female digital entrepreneurs. Usually with conferences, what you get is what you make of it, but at C+C, it’s hard not to enjoy yourself and be delighted, whether it’s the rooftop where lunch was served and booths were set up in teepees, the mimosa or candy bar, the shopping booths, beauty lounge or seating areas.  It’s one of the few conferences that I feel that I got a lot out of no matter where I went or what I did- whether it was experiencing new brands, meeting new people, deepening my knowledge in sessions or even all of the things I got during the day! I didn’t take photos of everything but here are a few photos:

One of my favorite areas was the beauty lounge that was set up with makeup and hair stations, courtesy of Smashbox, Honest Beauty and Topshop. This is where my colleagues and I treated ourselves to some beautifying. I usually don’t wear more makeup than just some coverup, mascara and lip color but I figured I would get my makeup done here. Someone at the Honest Beauty station did my eye makeup (a little bit of smoky eye), which was my first Honest Beauty experience. At first I thought it came out a little darker than I was used to, but she said “it’ll show up great in photos.” (She was right).

Smashbox had even set up a photoshoot area for attendees to get their headshots taken in the beauty lounge. How smart, right? Everytime I passed by, I took a peek at the photos that came out for random strangers. After noticing that EVERYONE looked good, (after avoiding the booth for the whole day), I finally succumbed and sat on the chair for my own headshot.

The photographer had me sit down and turn my head slightly this way and that, and after a few clicks of the button, I was done. He deleted the ones where I was blinking and transferred the photos onto a USB for me to take home. I dreaded what it would look like, but I was surprised to see that these were the best photos that I have probably ever taken. I had never felt so comfortable and at ease. It also helps that I was wearing my power outfit- my first white blazer ever!

Though the photo was already pretty decent, I ended up editing a little bit more with the MakeupPlus and BeautyPlus app for some more color in my face, considering how it was at 6 pm and towards the end of the conference that I took these. I honestly didn’t think the photos would come out so great, so I didn’t bother putting on lipstick before my photo- but with the app, I added a tint of color, no problem. I also smoothed out my skin a little, to cover up my shingle and acne scars, and voila.

Here is the progression of photos, from the original that was taken by Smashbox on the spot, to the final. Veeeeeery subtle, but makes a difference.


There are a lot of other headshots that came out great, but I really like this one. So thankful I sat down and took some! Headshots would usually cost a ridiculous amount, from what I’m told. Like I said, the conference gave so much more than what I expected from headshots to a ridiculously generous swag bag. Honestly ,this will probably be my headshot for the next year or two ha!

This doesn’t even cover the speakers, but you can probably tell how jam packed this one day was. I’m still recovering from the excitement and inspiration from the day.

For those interested in attending the next one- it’s happening in October and they’re announcing the next city on May 16! All info here: www.createcultivate.com

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