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Today, I received my copy of The Ground Magazine. Today, I am also officially a published contributor.


That moment when you see your own name published in an international print magazine for the first time is quite a weird feeling let me tell you… but nonetheless amazing.


my name is on this page (not shown)

It all began about 4 months ago when I was contacted by someone at The Ground Magazine because of a recommendation/referral from someone who had worked with me before. I was asked to write a piece on the well-known model Hyoni Kang, someone I had heard of and seen before in Teen Vogue Magazine spreads and at Concept Korea fashion shows. Never did I imagine I would write a piece on her someday.


I told him I had never really written a fashion article before especially for a publication like this,(except for maybe in high school), but I was given a chance without hesitation after speaking and meeting with him. Despite intense apprehension, I accepted because of the contagious passion and energy I felt when he talked about The Ground Mag. He believed in my abilities even when I doubted myself and for that I am grateful- sometimes you need someone to give you that push out of the comfort zone.

In this day and age where magazines are read a couple of times and then disposed of, The Ground Magazine offers content and production of lasting quality.


IMG_5342It features everything I love-fashion, art, music, architecture, culture, etc- in a way that is so raw and personal. This magazine is also printed on beautiful paper that it brings the photographs to life; not to mention, it feels amazing when you glide your fingers across the pages. It’s the kind of magazine that isn’t afraid to print just a few words on a page because the focus is on the content, not ad revenue. The thought and work that goes into it really shows and it is an absolute honor to be part of a publication of such style and substance.  It’s only released bi-annually on bookshelves/newsstands (they sell limited collectible editions also) but it’s definitely worth the wait.


I will definitely keep mine in the packaging I received it in to preserve it, that’s for sure. It is special, after all. 🙂

If you think Fashion is an industry that is selfish and self promoting, read or look at The Ground. The Ground has an online platform, as part of its site to serve as an outlet for artists and writers to promote their work. Check out the site for more great content from other issues and maybe even submit your work and connect with other creatives!

I only see a preview of my article online at the moment, but you can always look for The Ground Issue #3-The Balance in stores or buy it online or check back later for it to be posted on the site.

IMG_5337 IMG_5341

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“Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.”- Theodore Roosevelt

Have a great weekend 🙂 Cheers to milestones

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