Editorial of the week: New York Travel

The book Crazy Rich Asians has been on my mind (when is it not?) so I figured it would be appropriate to share this editorial with you. Let’s flashback to “New York Travel” which was taken for GQ China in November 2009.

Even though this was taken 5 years ago (believe it or not), it is still relevant and even more prevalent today.

I especially love how the photos weave the energy of the jetset life through the poses, subway lines and of course, a few of New York’s landmarks.

Models: Daniel Liu (Ford) & Hana Mayeda (Marilyn)
Photographer: Blair Getz Mezibov
Stylist: Grant Pearce

Models Daniel Liu and Hana Mayeda may not have been portraying the fictional characters of Nicholas Yung and Rachel Chu ((from Crazy Rich Asians) not that the characters would look this way) at the time, but they portray what has increasingly become a common sight in today’s globalized world. It’s the life most young urban millennials dream of: a life of luxury and love, in a city where anything is possible.

“Luxury is the opposite of vulgarity.Luxury is the opposite of status. It is the ability to make a living by being oneself. It is the freedom to refuse to live by habit. Luxury is liberty. Luxury is elegance.” – Coco Chanel

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