To express your unique self into the world… you must get comfortable being seen, heard, felt and known with and to someone else.

How does that feel in your body?
What in your Life would change?

Everything that your heart desires is on the other side of you being willing to be seen, heard, felt and known for who you authentically are

  • Feeling uncomfortable/awkward/uncertain when speaking up 
  • Questioning if what you say "makes sense"
  • Feeling blocked and unable to truly and consistently convey what’s happening inside you, in your world
  • Withholding, withdrawing, feeling unsafe to express and share what you really mean
  • What you want and what you say or have is incongruent
  • Getting stuck in the loop of overthinking and overanalyzing during/after a conversation


Let’s uncover the sneaky saboteur that shows up when you speak and reveal your truth


Building confidence is something that is done with others, not in silence or in a silo. Feeling connected is something that can only be amplified with another. These are two things that are crucial to you owning who you are and your impact. Oftentimes in daily life we don't fully express, dulling our light.

This is your playground to show up, make requests, own your desire and create what you want. Speak in such a way that people not only see you, they feel and get you. Notice what comes up for you when you do that. Then take the version of you that embodies something different, out into the world. 

  • Self assured in your unique voice and truth
  • Knowing what it means to be authentically YOU and being seen as that
  • Able to effectively articulate your ideas, and advocate for yourself
  • Equipped to share your experiences and aspirations with less hesitation or fear
  • Expanded and dreaming bigger, claiming your desires

Empowered Expression is designed for women of all backgrounds who are eager to enhance their communication skills, strengthen connection (with self and other), and cultivate confidence in self-expression. Whether you're a professional seeking to excel in your career, a person navigating familial  or intimate relationships, or someone looking to connect more authentically with others, this is meant to support you in embodying practical tools for personal and professional growth.

Walk out of Embodied expression feeling


  • A supportive community where you can explore your identity through the lens of your heart
  • To get more comfortable voicing your concerns, dreams and everything in between
  • To practice practical communication skills in an inclusive environment with coaching support
  • Connect with other women facing similar challenges as they grow their visibility 
  • Deepen your journey with your voice
  • Gain tools to navigate cultural/societal expectations while staying true to yourself

Empowered Expression is a transformational and  immersive online program. In today's fast-paced world, many women find themselves longing for a space where they can truly be seen, heard, and understood. This course offers exactly that – a supportive community where participants can explore and develop their unique voice, assert their needs and desires, and confidently articulate their truth. 

Throughout the program you can expect:

WHAT IS Embodied expression?

From setting boundaries to expressing needs and desires, participants will develop the skills to confidently ask for what they want and advocate for themselves in various personal and professional contexts.

Hone Asking and Assertiveness

Embracing vulnerability as a strength, participants will learn how to courageously share their stories and truths, fostering deeper connections and understanding within the community.

Practice Vulnerability

Through tailored exercises and constructive feedback, participants will gradually build confidence in sharing their thoughts, feelings, and experiences with clarity and conviction.

Build Confidence in Expression

From active listening to authentic communication techniques, participants will acquire practical tools to enhance their ability to express themselves effectively and compassionately. You'll be DOING this vs me telling you.

Strengthen Communication Skills

Through guided activities and group discussions, you will learn techniques to foster genuine connections with others in a safe and supportive environment.

Cultivate Authentic ConnectiON

Be in this space with other women to:

Join for experiential fun as we unpack what is really happening when you express yourself.

See and feel for yourself what its like when you can communicate both creatively and effectively.

Energy healing session with a guest facilitator to support in opening, softening and clarifying. To be scheduled between April 21st- May 11 depending on group



Opening Ceremony. Meet the other women who are on a similar journey of inner growth and authentic power. Let's dive right in.


We meet on Saturdays 9 AM PT/12 pm ET/5 pm GMT for 2 hours each time


Reveal the edges of your comfort zone (which may be holding you back) and notice the parts that want to be explored

These gatherings with be interactive and live each week. You will have to be on video and unmuted to fully participate.  These will NOT be recorded.

You will also have access to a telegram group specifically for this group to share and stay connected in between calls!  

GATHERING 6- June 15

Closing our time together with celebrations, desires and expanded dreams


Getting comfortable with communicating the stuff that might feel hard to hear or say. Loosen the reins of the discomfort 


Get to know what it's like to share what's really on your heart and expand your capacity to be seen in a bigger way


2 and 3 month, Payment Plans Available
Pay in full and receive a bonus 60 min coaching call with Andrea ($250 value)

Curious and want to talk more? DM or email me!


Course begins in May

Together, let's cultivate our confidence, unblock ourselves and amplify our voices in the world

Ready to step into a supportive community of women committed to embracing their voices, sharing their truths, and fostering meaningful connections?


The gatherings became a place where I could show up authentically and unapologetically, and be seen in a way that i couldn’t at work, or even with the closest people in my life. It was a special place where our outer labels didn’t matter. We saw each other as loving beings. With each gathering I felt myself softening as i learned more about myself and let go of the weight of the past. The conversations helped me visualize my fears and desires in a way that’s completely changed my relationship with my inner dialogue. Andrea has a gifted way of asking questions that are deeply rooted in care and challenge us to dig a little deeper.

I came in with a commitment that i would be open, honest and curious. I finished the experience feeling open hearted and confident that i AM a creative being - in everything i think, say and do.

"Our outer labels didn’t matter"

Success Stories


I came to the cohort with a hope to connect deeper to my femininity, heritage and other women. I learned so much about myself in the process and I felt very supported and seen by others. I’ve never been in a group where I can be so raw and still receive so much support from other women, it was transformational. No competition, judgement, or advice, just love and holding space for each other. The space and the people were truly special. In this circle, it didn’t matter what we do, how old we are, where we are from, what mattered was who we want to be in that moment. Andrea has contributed to my transformation and growth in both personal and professional, helping me to be a more conscious and intentional leader and connector. She always challenges and empowers me to be the best version of myself, to fully be happy and present in my body and soul, to create and support others.

"I learned so much about myself in the process"

Success Stories


Andrea creates spaces where I feel like I can just show up. Show up in: my fullness, my multifaceted ness, my multi-dimensionality. Show up beyond labels and how we usually in society have been conditioned to introduce ourselves. Her space allowed me to feel deeply supported by a community that just “got it”. No over-explaining. No justification. No needing to defend who I am. What I loved and received from the group was a sense of community, support, acceptance, understanding (by essentially "strangers") without needing to "do" anything for that. I loved how deep we went. I loved the energy of the group. I loved how we were challenged in our stories and were able to go beyond the limiting stories. All of this supported me in practicing receiving and witnessing, and it was such great practice in showing up more authentically and genuinely in all of my relationships, including my new romantic relationship, my relationship with my sister and mom. All of the relationships in my life benefit because the more I practice being fully me, the more I take that fully me-ness into my relationships and life. Her space is that safe, supportive community container and space to be.

"No over-explaining. No justification. No needing to defend who I am."

Success Stories