Test Yourself

Found out about this Enneagram test (pronounced “ANY-a-gram”) from one of many  Ernestine Fu interviews.

Yep that’s her on the cover of Forbes and she wasn’t even 21 at the time! No big deal…

Test Yourself 1

smart, ambitious and pretty. we should be friends 🙂

Eager to learn more, about myself and the test, I took it for the first time this past summer.  Ernestine says her test results were a 7. The first time I took it, I was a 4. I just took it again recently and I got a “1 or 4”, which I would say is a better result.

It’s probably my favorite test after the Myers Briggs.

Take the test to find out what number you are- Its a bit lengthy but what kind of test isn’t?

Do it, thank me later.

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Say what you need to say- comment, like, and share. Does your number describe you well?

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