Falling Up

So… this is what Fall (is supposed to) look(s) like: (Photos all taken by me)

Falling Up 11

fall looks like… sprinkles!

Falling Up 12

Falling Up 13

Falling Up 14

fall is…bare but beautiful

Falling Up 15

the smellier the book, the better and wiser

Falling Up 16

And this is what happens when I eat take out chinese food after it has been years: I make up for lost time with fortune cookies

Falling Up 17

Falling Up 18

and of course

I had to leave the place a little bit more beautiful than when I found it. (leaf gathering at it’s best)

Falling Up 19

leaving some love

“In doing something, do it with love or never do it at all.”- Mahatma Gandhi.

These photos exclusively for those reading. (only few are in my instagram)

Happy Fall 🙂 Stay safe from Sandy

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