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Finding a mentor, let alone someone to look up to is tough. It also happens to be advice for the workplace I repeatedly hear or read  in all the lectures, presentations, articles, etc I come across or attend. As a millennial I’m very selective (almost too picky) and I also find it increasingly difficult to find someone I’d like to model myself after especially as my path continues to pivot the more I learn about myself.

Although finding a mentor at work/school may be a bit challenging (I’m hoping I will find one in time), when it comes to women of inspiration, in fashion there are plenty. When it comes to a wardrobe that works well from business to life (or vice versa) look no further than Olivia Palermo, the epitome of polished style. She makes business basics like blouses and pumps look as comfortable and easy as a t-shirt and she’s the queen of blazers. She exudes feminine power, young elegance and consistent confidence, all of which are necessary to make a great impression in business and life.

Here’s Olivia Palermo, my favorite stylish celebrity, looking polished and presentable as always in what will be the timeless color combination of black and blue as mentioned in the previous post.


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although wearing shorts may not be appropriate at work (depending on the culture) her use of texture is great.  Just imagine her shorts are a skirt or pants of similar texture.

 This just goes to show how versatile black and blue is.

Just in case you needed a real role MODEL to show you how to wear blue and black…:


As graduation gets closer and closer I’ll be using Olivia Palermo as my style guide for business and life. Maybe I’ll end up with an equally well dressed counterpart like Johannes Huebl, Olivia’s boyfriend? (just kidding)


What do you think of Olivia Palermo as a fashion inspiration? Who’s your fashion mentor?

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