Favorite places in Culver City

So…. I moved again. I’ve lived in 3 different neighborhoods since I’ve moved here. Crazy I know.

Culver City was such a wonderful neighborhood to live in.  Yes, it has its own In and Out but there’s so much more that I’ll miss. Here’s what I recommend and what I’ll have to come back for:

New School of Cooking + Cafe

 It’s in the heart of the Culver City Arts District and is adjoined to New School of Cooking Culinary School. The pastries and breads are baked in house daily. The first time I went there I tried the croissant muffin, which was delicious (and may or may not still be offered there) but either way there’s a lot of seating and outlets for you to use and get a lot of work done.

8690 Washington Blvd


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East Borough

A great place to go eat if you’re craving classic vietnamese flavors with a modern twist. You’ll never look at pho and banh mi the same way again.

9810 Washington Blvd


Cafe Vida

I’ll miss this place for the filling but healthy meals with great value. I never leave hungry or feeling heavy. They have these chips and salsa made in house that I alway love to eat because you can taste how fresh it is. Try the Jalapeño turkey burger and definitely go there for brunch for the specials.

9755 Culver Blvd


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The Wallace

Came here for the first time with my friend and it was love at first sight. They have a great cocktail program, the ambiance is busy but cozy and the food is so good. I love the “jarred” section of the menu, specifically the chicken liver mousse and duck rillettes, both of which you spread on toast. Definitely the go-to place in Culver City for dinner.

3833 Main Street



A gift shop I can never resist visiting after I run my errands. It has the best gifts and cards- the kind of things that you didn’t know existed or didn’t think you’d find. I always love looking around just to giggle at the stationery or look at what’s new.

9726 Washington Blvd


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Baldwin Hills Scenic Outlook

Right near all of the great restaurants is Culver City’s own hiking spot. One side is the stairway if you want to work out those legs and booty, the other side is the less strenuous entrance of the Culver City Park. I made my first youtube video on this and how much I love going there, but the video is too low quality for me to share here so you’ll just have to go yourself 🙂 Enjoy the view at the top!

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I really think Culver City is one of the best neighborhoods in LA. I had never heard of it before I moved here and after living there for a few months I can definitely say it’s underrated and poised to grow over the next few years. If you haven’t go, definitely go and explore.

What are your favorite places in Culver City?

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