Feast your eyes on General Tso

Surely you’ve heard of General Tso’s Chicken… In fact you’ve probably ordered it before.

The fried boneless chicken in a sweet and spicy sauce, found in Chinese restaurants across the United States…  I’ll admit it was one of my favorites growing up. mmm


I have since moved onto more authentic Chinese dishes: dan dan noodles, xiao long bao, char siu bao…ever since I found out that General Tso’s Chicken isn’t actually Chinese. Yep you heard me right (By the way, neither are fortune cookies and beef with broccoli and many more… *tear*!)

What hasn’t changed is my curiosity about Chinese food and culture- in fact it’s grown over the years. If you follow my instagram you’ll notice that I often visit Chinatown, I’m trying to pick up Mandarin and I eat/cook Chinese food in an effort to learn more and more.

Feast your eyes on General Tso 1

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So naturally, I’m looking forward to watching The Search for General Tso as it makes its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on Sunday. I’m excited to learn more about what/who General Tso is… how to make it…where it originates but most importantly, what that says about how food shapes our world or how cultures have shaped our food.

Watch the trailer below which shows you how director Ian Cheney and his team traveled across America and to Hunan and Shanghai, China to unearth the roots of this popular dish. Does the title sound familiar? It may be because you’ve heard of Jennifer 8 Lee, author of The Fortune Cookie Chronicles (and producer of this film). I’m guessing one day you were curious and googled where fortune cookies came from or have seen her TED talk (like I have).

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lw12Pk1eA6A&w=560&h=315]

I ate some General Tso’s Chicken yesterday to remind myself what it tasted like. Besides, after watching the trailer I’m not really sure how you could NOT be tempted to eat it?


For more information about the film, visit the Tribeca Film Festival site.

You can buy tickets to watch the film here. Both the Sunday and Thursday showing is sold out, but you can join the search on Monday 4/21!

Aren’t you TSO excited!? I could watch that trailer over and over.

If you can’t wait.. in the meantime you can make some at home following this recipe here…or ponder some more food mysteries.

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