In one of my classes, Global Marketing of Luxury Brands, (my friend and I like to call it Glux for short) we were asked to introduce ourselves by stating our name and answering the following questions:

Why are you interested in Luxury?

Glux 9

What are you passionate about?

Glux 10

What luxury company/brand do you admire?

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What would you do if you had all the money you wanted? (This question later was changed to: If you had a superpower what would you want it be?)

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I really appreciated our professor for even asking us these questions. Usually it is just the standard “state your name, major” but I guess those are the perks of having a small class size (maximum 25 or so) and your professor having practiced law for a two and a half decades.

Here were my answers:

I am interested in Luxury because it involves understanding the human mind/Psychology.  Why are some people addicted to it? How does persuasion, conformity, social facilitation affects trends?,  Why is it so sought after? What does it mean to different people: consumers versus producers? Sorry if you were expecting me to say “because it is synonymous to status, wealth and quality”. My answer probably ruined the fantasy that comes with luxury. I am looking forward to this class progressing and learning the ins and outs of the luxury business.

What first came to mind was running and reading then the answer that came to mind was: I am passionate about Life. Not in the cliche sense that first comes to mind where you imagine whoever says that to be happy all the time, but in the sense that life is great. Beauty can be found in the eloquence of speech or in design or nature, happiness from a new experience or connection,  possibility in sharing perspectives of lives and the possibility of growth and living the best life you can. I guess this was my way of saying I am passionate about what life has to offer and this ranges from anything/everything great and yummy especially: reading, running, food, meeting new people etc.

A company I admire is Forbes. Forbes because it celebrates human achievement and the pursuit of the Horatio Alger Rags-to-Riches Dream and success story. Forbes because it celebrates and shares stories and achievements of the best and up-and-coming business leaders who have brought innovation and leadership to our country and world. Forbes because it shares ideas and inspiration on not only business topics but life. (look left or click here to see what I am talking about)

What would I do with all the money I wanted? I always promised and intended to “pay my parents back” for everything they’ve done for me so I would do something for them first and foremost. I would donate and participate in all the auctions and charities I’ve always wanted to. This is in addition to traveling and enjoying life but my main intent would be to give back and help others with whatever extra money and resources I had.

What superpower would I want? Funny he asked because I already covered that in a blog post here

After we all gave our honest answers to these questions he made an interesting observation. Why is it that there seems to be a disconnect between what we are passionate about and why we are interested in luxury?

Interesting huh? Think about it.

I’m still trying to figure out what Luxury means to me (Our professor asked us this the first day). More on that as the class progresses.

Happy Friday!

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