Group Program


A 9-week program designed for women who want to change their relationship with stress and anxiety, gain clarity, and  reduce stress and gain clarity as they boldly conquer 2020.


Do you crave more clarity, confidence, and calm in your work & relationships? 

Do you suffer from constant feelings of anxiousness or worry?
Are you stressed out?
Feeling overwhelmed?
Do you find yourself having a difficult time keeping up with the constant demands of work and your personal life?
Do you experience feelings of being lost or stuck in life?
Do you have unresolved pain from the past that you’d like to be released from?


If so, you are not alone. Many women suffer from feelings of self-doubt, inadequacy and fear. Over time our thoughts, emotions, and past traumas can build up – causing blockages and barriers toward our ultimate sense of purpose, inner peace, and success. 



If there’s anything that you’d like to change in your life, it may be time to hit the RESET button.


What would your life be to be ---- despite circumstances

I work with many women who are struggling with blockages and barriers that hold them back from moving forward and living their best lives. 


If any of this resonates with you, it may be time for you to BREAK THE CYCLE.


It’s time if:


  • Want to reduce stress, gain mental clarity, and find more balance in life

  • Feel like there just isn’t enough time in your day to do everything you want and need to accomplish

  • Would like more focus and control in your career while being able to leave your work at the end of each day and not carry it home with you

  • Feel like you need to set stronger boundaries with those in your life so that you don’t become drained or taken advantage of

  • Want to improve your relationships so they’re more rewarding, healthy, and have an equal give and take dynamic

  • Would like to experience a greater level of success and prosperity 

  • Feel like there must be more to life and you’d like to open yourself up to experiencing it


Something led you here today, and whatever that reason may be, I want you to know that there is hope. You can break free from all that’s weighing you down and move into a place of personal empowerment and well-being


If you’re reading this because you feel or have felt:


  • Overwhelmed

  • Lost

  • Stuck

  • Defeated

  • Exhausted

  • Anxious

  • Sad

  • Out of control

  • Depressed

  • Stressed out



It’s time to experience a release and clear these from your life. You deserve to live the life where this is not your normal. You are powerful, soulful and limitless. 

Let me show you how you can become unshakeable.


Learn to detach yourself from your circumstance, reach your goals and reclaim your power and potential. 

  • Are you ready to Break the Cycles in your life?


    If you’re seeking a positive transformation in your life and a way to overcome any mental and emotional struggles standing in your way of experiencing joy, peace and success, all while being surrounded by women on a similar journey, this IS the program for you. 


    This is NOT the program for you if you:


    • Are not open to changing habits

    • Do not want to uncover the reasons you’re feeling unsatisfied in life

    • Do not believe there is anything wrong with your current life or that there is anything you can do to change it

    • Do not want to complete the work needed to achieve true healing and transformation

    • Are unwilling to let go of any past hurts, traumas, and energies that have been holding you back


What is included:

– A sacred sisterhood and community of like minded women who:

– 9 weeks of guided self discovery, healing and transformation

-3 private group breathwork sessions with your fellow participants 

– Private FB group

– The first week of the program is scheduled to begin April 6th, and will be an introduction/integration week. 


This group program will be limited to 14 women both located in LA and beyond.

Early Bird Pricing

Ends 12 pm PST March 29th, 2020

$990 upfront or

payment plan

($250 for 4 months)

$1300 the group program + 3 additional 45 min

1:1 coaching calls

Regular Pricing

For signup after March 29th, 2020

$1111 upfront or

payment plan

($290 for 4 months)


If you desire additional 1:1 support:


$1500 the group program + 3 additional 45 min

1:1 coaching calls


This pricing will only be for the first cohort.

Because this container will be open to maximum 14 women who are 100% committed to living as a leader in their life, free, grounded and empowered and are willing to do the sometimes uncomfortable inner work to get there please schedule a complimentary call with me to see if we are a fit.  Click here to schedule a call with Andrea.

My commitment to you:

You will receive deep support in:

+ Taking inspired & empowered action steps toward your most fulfilling future

+ Healing & forgiving the hurts that block you from receiving unconditional love & acceptance

+ Letting go of the anxiety and unhealthy habits that stand in the way of your greatest fulfillment in life.

+ Accessing deep inner peace and learning to maintain it even in the midst of chaotic situations. Allowing you to stay clear and not get overwhelmed in the process of stepping into your power

+ Embodying a new way to stay centered & grounded with mindfulness techniques and practices that you can use in your daily life

+ Healing & Releasing the fears, limiting beliefs, and toxic programming (from culture & family) that keep you stuck in a loop of self doubt and struggle.

+ Rewiring your nervous system so you can access ease and peace even in the most difficult circumstance.


+ Developing and committing to self-care routines that nourish and support you in staying deeply connected to yourself


+ Finding clarity in areas of your life where you have felt lost, confused, and overwhelmed


All with the support of a like minded community on a similar journey,