HFI? What’s that?

If you google “HFI” you’ll get a couple different things: Hereditary fructose intolerance. Health facility institute. Also there’s er…..Hepatitis Foundation International.

None of these are what this blog post is about.

What I’m referring to is what my friend called me: Highly Functioning Individual. I had no idea what it was when he said it either. He kindly explained it to me:


IMG_5541So there you have it. HFI. 

We tried getting it into urbandictionary, but it was rejected. How some words make it onto that site and HFI doesn’t, I don’t know, to be honest, but it’s in your vocabulary now! I’m flattered to have been called such a thing (I definitely have my off days- weeks even). I can only hope to live up to the definition and become a better person as each day passes. We owe that to ourselves, don’t you think? In fact I think we all have a HFI side. We all strive for something don’t we?

What do you do to be a HFI? Who is a HFI in your life?

To the HFI in you,


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