Hidden Gems in San Diego

I went to San Diego for the first time during a 3 day weekend back in April, and had the best time exploring La Jolla, Coronado, Gaslamp and Little Italy (full blogpost here)…. but for a day trip during Labor Day Weekend (less than 24 hours) my boyfriend and I explored more random, hidden gem like locations in San Diego.

Whenever I visit/travel somewhere I like to visit these quirky “local flavor” spots because looking for them is part of the adventure. Here are some we found- best part is that they’re all free and easy to park at to visit.

Below are a few unique San Diego attractions:

Quince Street Bridge

It’s located in a normal neighborhood where you can park on a street and take a short walk across a fully functional wooden pedestrian bridge. The white fence sides and wooden panels make me feel like I’m in an old fashioned movie. It’s nice to take photos on and look down into a small canyon, but otherwise nothing crazy or fear inducing.

The address is technically 400 Quince St San Diego, CA 92103 but if you look up Quince street bridge the navigation will take you right there.

Hidden Gems in San Diego 1

Hidden Gems in San Diego 2

Spruce Street Suspension Bridge

This bridge is also hidden in a residential area, but feels much more jungly than the Quince street bridge. As you start to walk across it you’ll feel is shake and sway (which I think is part of the fun). If you’re afraid of heights you won’t like this but otherwise it’s a nice unexpected walk and scene from a suburban view.

If you look up Spruce Street Bridge it’ll lead you right to the street that it starts from!

Hidden Gems in San Diego 3

Harpers Topiary Garden

“Topiary” basically describes when shrubs/plants have been clipped into a fanciful or geometric shape, which I honestly didn’t know until just recently. This garden is just randomly situated on a street alongside people’s homes. It has a sign that says “Edna Scissorhands” and a bunch of animals and figures that she supposedly crafted. It’s very whimsical and feels kind of magical when you look at it. A green wonderland of sorts, I couldn’t help but skip by it.

3547 Union Street

Hidden Gems in San Diego 4

Black’s Beach

This beach is a secluded beach beneath of the bluffs of Torrey Pines. When you park up at the top you’ll see people at the glider port. Off to the side is the beginning of a hike that leads you down to the water. Come with comfortable shoes, some snacks and your beach towel. Be prepared to see more men than women tanning and walking around the beach nude at this clothing optional beach. I had never been naked at a beach until this one. Apparently this is one of the few nude beaches in Southern California. You don’t have to be naked, but you’ll definitely see people who are. So just be prepared to see that or to bare yourself too.

Torrey Pines Scenic Dr, La Jolla, CA 92037

Hidden Gems in San Diego 5 Hidden Gems in San Diego 6

Do you know of any other hidden gems in San Diego?

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