Holiday wish list

With the Holidays here I can’t help but think about the special people in my life and the things I would want/get for them.

A little late for this post, and a handful of these items are on backorder but it doesn’t hurt to imagine, right?


A Little Bits Toy Kit.

Yea sure, the photos on the site show little kids playing with this but I think this would be a fun and educational gift for my sissy. We loved making things growing up and she has quite the imagination so I’d be curious about what she’d end up making, especially with the Gizmos and Gadgets Kit. I think it’s a cool toy to have and explore…If she doesn’t have room in her dorm to house this, I’d gladly take it!


For a thoughtful gift, I’d probably get a customized puzzle with a photo of us two. We looooooved puzzles growing up. It’s a relaxing activity to do because we’re #grandmastatus.


I’ve been thinking hard about this and I’d probably get her a “hold my life in a bag” tote.

This 15″ tote from Dagne Dover looks like it would take her effortlessly from day to night, in business and life. I like it because I’m not a huge fan of flashy labels and this bag looks clean and spacious. For her, I’d get the copper or dark cherry. I think the oxblood (my kind of color) is pictured below on the left.


I went online shopping on Cyber Monday (which never usually happens but I needed warmer clothing) and ended up getting more things for my guy than I did for myself. I got him some outerwear. (pictured below)

It’s a wardrobe makeover disguised as a christmas gift shhh :D. To continue this makeover I’d probably want a bunch of tailored shirts for him.

I came across Stantt randomly one day and was intrigued by their data fit technology sizing. Especially with men’s clothing, FIT is everything so I’d want everything on their site but perfectly tailored.

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 6.26.48 PM.png

This is one of the few times I wish I was still in New York. Looks like they have a few locations open(ing) for fittings.

This night cable because the phone will stay exactly where he puts it- whether it’s the car or nightstand- and charge without it slipping behind the bed or in between the cracks. The cord itself is also durable so no more easy fraying of the plastic cord!

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 6.52.32 PM

Advice mug– I like that it’s black and subtle. I like what it says too even if it says the f word a couple of times: Love your fucking job. Seek fucking criticism. Change your fucking routine. Carve your own fucking path. Make a fucking difference. Learn to fucking improvise. Be fucking bold. Get up fucking early. Fucking risk everything. Fail, fail, and fucking fail again.

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 6.21.25 PM.png

This book, though I’m pretty sure my boyfriend knows a lot of this stuff. I mean, I don’t call him a rare specimen for no reason! I do think every guy should have this though.


Great minds puzzles. 8 puzzles to keep him on his toes at work when he’s brainstorming or bored. He’s the type who likes Rubik’s cubes and brainteasers. Who knows, he could also use these as paperweights.

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 6.27.53 PM

These loafers. It’s a great shoe for business and life. Wear them at the office, wear them to dinner. I know he opts more for comfort than style (which is why I am giving him a makeover (shhh)) but these are an easy way to clean up any outfit. They’re a great “mid brown” color too, so it’s easy to match and goes with anything in his closet.



We do this kind of stuff anyway but I’m so glad this stuff exists so that I know I’m not the only cheesy one out there: Love tokens and “What I love about you” book.


I’m still looking for the perfect lace up flat, new pair of sneakers and perfect teddy jacket but all I really want is a new laptop.

I’m also trying to figure out if I want to get a new camera or this DxO One– a camera you can just connect to your iPhone. It’s pocket size and weighs less than 4oz, and take’s DSLR quality photos. Seems pretty low maintenance but high quality for my life and the photos I take along the way.


What’s on your wish list?

Thinking of loved ones this season,

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