How to find your Soulmate

In just the last few years I’ve had the honor of meeting some incredible rare specimen type of people that I can consider to be soulmate material (professionally, personally and romantically). I did a blogpost on this before (here), but I wanted to do a video since the idea of soulmates has been popping up time and time again especially recently.

I might sound crazy to most of you but I really do think this is how you find your Soulmate, or at least how I can explain how I’ve met mine.

1. Find your soul to find your Soulmate

2. Be the person you seek

3. Know what a Soulmate means to you. How do you define it? What does that word mean to you? What does that person do/say/feel like?
An snippet of what was on my “Build-a-boy” list to get you started on yours. I made these lists for my ideal friend and coworker/boss as well 🙂
-A guy who has a sexy self assurance that doesn’t come off as cocky but approachable and warm
-A guy who is good looking enough for me to be physically attracted to, but not so much that he attracts the wrong kind of attention. Someone who looks good next to me, we’d get compliments for being cute
-Someone who can get clean up well and has a sense of style  just as much as he’s down to get down and dirty whether it be to do something adventurous, workout or cook
-Someone who treats people with respect, not just when he’s in a good mood or when someone is watching but always
-Someone who has a reputation of being helpful, generous, kind as much as he is smart, hardworking, successful.

4. Believe 110% that they exist and that you will find it when you are living your best life and being your best growing self.

You’ll notice what I listed above is slightly different than my blogpost from months ago, and that just goes to show that the concept of Soulmates will grow and change as much as you do. It also isn’t just one person. Regardless, I think Soulmates do exist and I can’t wait to meet more and more of them.

Watch the video for the full explanation! Have you met a soulmate before?

“Far too many people are looking for the right person, instead of trying to be the right person.”- Gloria Steinem


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