If I could have a superpower…

I would love to acquire speed reading and super memory skills.

This is essentially the ability to learn faster- the ability to consume and apply more information in a shorter period of time. I guess this could be similar to what the movie Limitless portrays with the consumption of a pill and what Mike Ross in SUITS experiences except I wouldn’t want eidetic (photographic) memory where I can recall images, I would want be able to read, retain and remember everything I’ve experienced.

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I say this because today marks the end of the first week of class which means 5 required text books and required subscriptions to the NY Times and Wall Street Journal.

Oh, and I have the books I am reading on the side as a commitment and challenge to myself, because textbooks (especially for some of the courses I’m taking this semester) can get a bit boring for lack of a better term.

If I could have a superpower... 9

books I’m currently reading. stay tuned for posts on each, once I complete them! (heres one i just finished)

Can you imagine?

I could recite poems, quote, reports, proposals, you-name-it with ease and eloquence. Be a human sponge in all subjects and fields that interest me and live and learn vicariously through the experiences of other people in text.

If reading is time and knowledge is power, then in today’s age of information and media where people read less:

Reading -> Learning -> Earning faster while retaining quality.

Leaders are Readers. Just ask Warren Buffet and Harvard Business Review

I can day dream about superpowers but in the meantime I have tons of reading/work to do. So much to learn, so little time!

Let the long Labor day weekend begin! Happy Friday 🙂

If I could have a superpower... 10

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