I’m going to Los Angeles


I never thought I would be saying this, but I submitted my notice at work a few weeks ago, bought a flight shortly thereafter, am finishing up the work week and will be flying out to LA Saturday morning to explore opportunities out there. 

I’m going with no real plans or even a job secured. All I know is that I have a place to stay for a month, I have the support of those closest to me, some existing connections, the clarity to go for what I want, the desire to succeed, and a deep understanding of myself.

I won’t have unlimited funds and I will probably have to face my fear and relearn how to drive (it’s been awhile). There is a huge chance I could “fail” and not find anything or end up hating Los Angeles, or wanting to come back to NY ASAP but… it’s also possible that I might find the job I’ve been waiting and working for. That I may fall in love. That my life will change completely.

This is something I’m willing to take a chance on.

My gut screams yes. I trust myself. It feels right.

I never bet on anything, but if I do, you sure as hell can bet it’s on myself.

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By leaving NY I am giving myself the 100% chance to succeed without distraction, without a choice, and without getting caught in the day to day rat race.

Everyday will be an adventure. Every dollar, every interaction, every moment will be something new, something intentional. I will be doing something that scares me everyday. And really, I wouldn’t have it any way. I will be testing who I am and creating the life I want one day at a time.

New York, you’ve trained me well. The past 6 years of the stranger befriending, grocery lugging, time and money budgeting, hustling and stress coping will come in quite handy. With an open mind, strong gut, thick skin, big dreams and elastic heart, I’m confident that this will be more good than bad for me.

Worst case, I will return to NY with a story to tell. There’s always that.

As with all good things, I’m scared, nervous and excited but mostly, I’m ready for you Los Angeles.

I’ve added some color and whites to my wardrobe (I didn’t realize how much black I wear?!), I’ve visited a few of my favorite places in New York for one last look. It’s crazy to believe that the next time I post, I’ll be on the other coast.

In the meantime, help me/join me, or just watch me, because this is happening.

Let the life living, job hunting begin.


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Any advice or tips on what to do, who to meet, where to go and how to make the most of everyday, leave a comment!


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city of dreams but which city?

Thank you JHL, CW, PC, for your unconditional and unwavering support. This decision would not be even an option without your love and friendship. <3

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