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I am moved by words sometimes more than photos. Photos are beautiful yes, but words make me feel.

There are a few accounts that I am not disappointed by whenever I stop by their page or whenever something that they post shows up on my feed.  Today I wanted to share them with you. They’re much more than your typical quote accounts in that they share an insight and wisdom that is more fresh and personal. They speak to my soul. Hope you love them as much as I do.


He’s a writer and meditator that has been sharing poignant thoughts in the form of short poems and sometimes, long captions. I can’t stop mentioning him/tagging him on instagram because he just says how I feel so well. He’s coming out with a book 11/9 called Inward and I am so excited.

Friends in the NYC area, I will be reading from my upcoming book “Inward” and speaking about the mind and self love on September 23rd. Tickets are available through the link in my profile. It would be an honor to thank you in person for your support. The event will take place at @thealchemistskitchen. Doors open at 7pm and the event begins at 8pm. Those moments when there is no repression of emotions, just the lightness of a clear mind that is firmly established in calmness – this is how we know our effort is paying off and that the healing tools we use are working. The peacefulness that comes with healing and wisdom does not make us inactive members of a changing world, if anything it helps us be even clearer with our opinions and allows us to take action from a place of love. A calm mind is a powerful mind. Action derived from a place of love is productive. Anger does not have the power to build, it can only destroy. Sending love to all beings. May we all understand that love is the healer the world is looking for. 🙏🌎 #yungpueblo

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This account is a powerful source of inspiration by women for women. All quotes on the account are said by women from different industries, decades, backgrounds and yet act as the powerful glue for an online community. It’s an account that is able to articulate the nuanced struggles and thoughts of an underrated yet incredible population in our society. With the content shared on this account, you can leave feeling less alone.

You'll thank her next year.

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I remember following him way back in my tumblr days and now that I follow him on instagram I get to read his haikus and writing as if I’m reading directly from his journal/typewriter.

Typewriter Series #2020 by Tyler Knott Gregson

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Just writing from a 20 year old something female. Who she is and where she’s based I don’t know but it doesn’t matter. She captures the essence of an emotion so well in just a short sentence which is incredibly powerful in and of itself.


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It’s an account I came across randomly awhile ago. I forget who the person behind it is but their writing always has me saying “YES” “SO TRUE.”

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This is the instagram account of Rupi Kaur, the author of “milk and honey” – a collection of poems that has sold well over a million copies- which explores the themes of trauma, femininity, healing, direction and revolution. Rupi Kaur’s writing has undoubtedly “broken the internet” in some ways for how deeply it has resonated with audiences around the world.


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Did I miss any of your favorites? Please tag my account on them if you come across any!!

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