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I spotted Selena also at the Levo Launch Party.

She stood out in a crowd of business basics in a lace printed metallic top paired with well fitted black pants and flats. Lace can easily look dated or “old” (and just plain difficult to wear as it can get caught or ruined) but her top only gave the illusion of lace keeping the look young, fresh and functional but just as pretty. To keep things simple, she wore an understated necklace to add a nice point of interest and kept her hair and makeup neat.


It was pouring that day and she was running around as a member of the Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business Committee, but had it been a real work environment it would have been great to see her pair the top with a skirt like Lanvin does for Fall 2012. (pictured after the jump)

Need more inspiration? Something similar here:

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%image_alt%Vogue China September 2012- Lanvin Fall 2012


Keep things young by keeping the silhouette fitted and accessorize to show your personality.  The trick is to keep it simple.

Brace Lace Yourself and look pretty in school, business and life.

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