Long term value creation

Blogs are like babies.

Not because all it does is eat, sleep and poop (to put it simply) (and thats obviously not the case here) but because blogs, like babies, require commitment and nurturing.

The birth and its beginning (we’re talking about blogs now) is important in that it sets the foundation of how it enters the world. Did it have proper prenatal care and the necessary pre-planning? Is the parent prepared to make space for a new demanding presence in life? Is the parent ready and willing to take care of it through the good times and not neglect it during the bad times?

Am I ready to “raise” a blog to be whatever I want it to be and the best it can be?

The answer is yes. yes. yes and

Long term value creation 3

On August 15, 2013,  inbusinessandlife (this blog) was born. And although it may be my 4th/5th (?) blog type thing, this one is and will be different because now I’m different.

It is now August 20. Almost a week has passed since inception. I’ve been blogging in my mind, jotting down notes, basically everything but actually publishing it.

It has also been almost a month since I turned 21.

This may be nothing but a number to you, but to me 21 represents a version of my ideal self. I can’t say that I have reached that point in its entirety yet but I think I’m almost there. More importantly, I feel something growing inside of me. something strong and something real.

The idea of blogging is actually kind of terrifying to me (like I imagine parenthood would be) but I’m back in the city, rested and more clear-minded. Back with more passion and conviction than fear and doubt.

Classes begin in exactly a week and its crazy to think that this time next year, everything will be different. In fact things are changing everyday.

I’m ready to make senior year the year. My year. A year where I am 100% accountable and a year where I am committed to growth/change and progress. A year where I am committed to myself, my health/happiness and my future in business and life.

I think 5 days is enough. Its time to get this baby rolling. Let’s get this “party” started.

Long term value creation 4

are you excited? I am

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