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It’s officially SPRING BREAK! My last spring break before I graduate and enter the “real world” where no such breaks exist. I should be doing something crazy, somewhere exotic right?

Not quite. Since my spring break happens to be the same as my 16-year-old sister’s break and I figure I should be getting used to a “grown-up life” where I can’t escape and go home every chance I get (not that I would), I told her to come visit me in New York to join me for adventures. Besides, she has never been to or explored New York before. Shocking, I know.

Some people just do not like the city- she happens to be one of those people saying “It’s smelly, there’s too many people, and I’m scared I’m going to get mobbed/kidnapped.” She claims to be quite adamant about her position; I think she has watched too much CSI.

That being said, I’m determined to change her mind about the city before she leaves at the end of this week.

“There needs to be more trees. There’s not enough trees” is one of the first things she said to me when we started walking around the city. Luckily for her, the Macy’s Flower Show started showing March 24 and I took this as an opportunity, and reason, to go for the first time and take in the sight. Call me touristy. 😛

photo 1

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We went inside the flagship store at Herald Square thinking the show would be indoors like I always knew it had been, but since it is going through huge renovations (and will be for quite some time), we only found one large piece which they call “The bouquet of the day.” The one I saw is pictured below and as it turns out, it will be exhibited for two days before another showpiece is installed.

DSC07819 DSC07821

The Macy’s Flower Show was actually outside in front of Macy’s in a tent in Broadway Plaza! This year’s theme is “The Painted Garden,” highlighting exotic architectural settings and vivid gardens clearly inspired by the colors and sights you’d see in India and middle Asia.


 See the gallery below (with captions) to walk through the show as I experienced it!


Besides the sprinkling of orchids (my favorite flower), the best part was definitely the elephant. What a stunner.


And as if that weren’t enough…. The windows were beautiful installations in their own right. I usually don’t have the time to stand and look at windows but these displays were just so hypnotizingly beautiful (especially at night). Many people just passed the windows or if they stopped, they only did so to take photos. I thought the captions were the best part. So poetic. I’m not really a flower person like I’ve mentioned before ,unless they’re unique in looks or thoughtful in meaning ,so I loved how the captions explained the meanings of the flowers. By the way, I finally looked up the meaning of orchids and no wonder I like them so much!

Flip through the gallery below to read my favorite captions and the meanings of the flowers in the displays!

One of the best things about New York is that you don’t have to go very far to be transported to another time and place. With just a subway/car ride, you can be somewhere completely different and experience something new.

This FREE event was a great way to escape the city without leaving it. Plus, I think it satisfied my sister’s need for greenery. Check it out during March 24, 2013  to April 7th, 2013.

Not in New York? Not to worry. Besides that I’ve got you covered ;), the show is not only in their flagship store in Herald Square, but also in Philadelphia, Chicago, Minneapolis, San Francisco and a Cherry Blossom Show in Washington, DC. Check out the macy’s flower show website for more details.

Similar events include the Orchid Show (which I think I might have to visit myself) at the New York Botanical Gardens and the upcoming Hanami Cherry Blossom festival in Brooklyn!

Macy’s Herald Square/ Broadway Plaza-  during store hours- 151 W 34th St or 33rd st and Broadway

 “Flowers are restful to look at. They have neither emotions nor conflicts.”- Sigmund Freud

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