How to make a vision board

Call me old fashioned… but I like to take time to make vision boards so I can stay focused and remind myself of what I’m working on/would like to have (more of) in my life.

Here’s a quick video of me making my latest vision board and an explanation of how to make one:

Yes, I am kind of old-school and take the time to go through magazines to make a vision board. I’ve been making them since high school (if you want to see some of my old ones you can check them out on my blog). You can of course make them digitally on Pinterest or with google images. I like to take time to think and arrange it on paper. The one hanging on my wall right now is the one in the video. 😌 _ It’s been rainy in LA… maybe you make one this weekend? Try it out. Sometimes you don’t even know what you want until you see it. You’d be surprised how you’ll come across things that capture your desire more clearly than how you initially thought about it. _ Anyone else reading this make vision boards? _ #manifestation #spiritualaf #lawofattraction #spiritjunkies #highvibetribe #beherenow #youcreateyourownreality #thankyouuniverse #liveonpurpose #energyflow #manifest #visionboard #mindfulnessmatters #howto #successminded

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Here are my vision boards from the past few years in no particular order. You can tell what was on my mind at the time and how much I’ve evolved!!

Do you make vision boards?


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