What makes a Rare Specimen

If you’ve been following/reading my blog for the past year, you know that there was a person in my life that I referred to as my Rare Specimen. He was my boyfriend, best friend and so much more. To this day, we’re still on good terms and he has changed my life for the better (a blogpost here on being broken up but not broken). Though he existed in a romantic context in my life, what I want to clarify is that there are Rare Specimen in business and life- overall rare individuals- that exist even if you’re not dating them. I am lucky to call a few of them my friends, even my boss. I’m inspired by these people to be more of a Rare Specimen and I wanted to share what they’ve shown being a Rare Specimen means to me.

What makes a Rare Specimen 1

What makes someone a Rare Specimen (for simplicity i’ll use “them/they”):

  1. A Rare Specimen “gets it.” There are people who won’t understand even when you explain yourself. Then there are others who will understand you without you even speaking a word. When you meet a Rare Specimen, you know it because you have an instant and profound connection with them.  Rare Specimen make you feel understood and acknowledged.
  2. A Rare Specimen does exactly what they say they are going to do. They never leave you guessing. They aren’t filled with empty words. They say what they mean and mean what they say. They put in the work and deliver. If they don’t, they take the time to get on the same page as you are and understand where you are coming from.
  3. They calm you down. Their presence doesn’t freak you out but rather grounds you and reminds you to breathe. Instead of spending so much time trying to find someone who will “take your breath away”…  it’s really the people who remind you to breathe and give you the room to be yourself that are the healthiest for you.
  4. A Rare Specimen isn’t afraid to tell/show you that they care about you. Whether it’s a hug, an “I appreciate you,” or words of affirmation,  communication with a Rare Specimen is open and loving. There are often moments where you both can acknowledge that you learned and grew and improved together and that meeting each other was a highlight.
  5. A Rare Specimen is a teammate not opponent. They work through things with you. They process things together with you. They don’t just decide what is best for both and how you feel. Despite how difficult or inconvenient it is they are willing to meet you halfway.
  6. They call you out with love. They want what is best for you and instead of giving unsolicited advice, they offer you help, things to think about. They aren’t afraid to tell you you’re being ridiculous when you’re not being yourself and tell you to think bigger when you make yourself small.
  7. A Rare Specimen has nothing but good things said about them. They might not have had an easy past and they do have moments of weakness, but ask anyone about the person they are now and others will tell you how awesome/positive/caring/thoughtful he/she is. I knew my ex was a Rare Specimen when he would get texts and messages from friends and strangers he had met telling him thank you for being a great listener, a great friend. They weren’t pleading messages from exes or negative messages from people from the past. They are a pleasure to be around and lift the spirits of anyone they are with.
  8. A Rare Specimen takes the time to understand why and don’t just want to talk about their day. They are curious and ask questions because they want to know more about what is important to you/bothering you. Talking with them isn’t taking turns to talk, but a conversation and sharing of thoughts.
  9. A Rare Specimen will admit any wrongdoing and will try to fix them. Normal people often find excuses and constantly blame others for why they are hurting you, but Rare Specimen take responsibility for where there might have been a misunderstanding and own up to their mistakes or slip ups putting their ego aside.
  10. A Rare Specimen treats you like a good human being should. You’re not perfect, no one is, but they treat you as if you are and appreciate you for who you are. A Rare Specimen treats you/others with the respect, dignity, trust that they would want to be treated with.
  11. Bonus- You know you’ve come across a Rare Specimen when they inspire you, compel you to write, and to be yourself. Just like how this blogpost came about.

These people can be the great managers, co-workers, leaders, role models, friends that you meet during your life. These people positively influence you and can be completely life changing people. Though the world may seem dark and heavy at times, Rare Specimen exist. The only catch is, you come across them only if you believe they exist, and if you yourself are continually making the active attempt to be a Rare Specimen yourself.

Do you have any Rare Specimen in your life?

Thankful for the ones I’ve met and have in my life. You know who you are. You inspire me to be better. <3

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