Mental Un-clog

Yesterday, I took the day off.  Yes, it was a Wednesday, smack in the middle of the week, but I needed a mental health day where I had time –the day- alllllllllll to myself.
I felt a bit uncomfortable asking for one but my mind and body was just overloaded. I just had to. Thankfully my boss said yes. (I was surprised but sincerely grateful).

For the past few weeks I’ve been working 6 or even 7 days a week. When I wasn’t working, I was running errands. I just had no “me-time”.  The constant grind wore me down pretty hard.

Everyone I spoke to asked me if I was ok and told me to feel better. The thing is, I wasn’t “sick” in the traditional sense. Yes, I was coughing a bit, sniffling a little but really, I needed a mental unclog. I was mentally, physically, emotionally exhausted. On top of that, I have been feeling a bit homesick (which usually never happens).

In times like this, I find it best to just slow things down a bit and indulge in the simple things in life. So yesterday, I spent the day doing the things I enjoy- with no time limit and no guilt. I basically went on a date with myself and enjoyed every minute of it.

photo 5

Here’s an idea of what yesterday – a perfect day- looked like for me:

1) Cooked. I woke up the same time I would for work and I cooked some Korean comfort food. (My goal is to learn and eventually master all the Korean food I grew up eating). You’ve probably seen glimpses of this on my instagram.


Korean Dduk gook

2) Ran. Yes it was a bit chilly but I needed the fresh air and clear mind. A run always makes me feel better. Even though I missed Central Park in all its fall glory, it was still beautiful bare. It was quite empty, since it was a Wednesday, but the emptiness was quite nice. I felt like I had the park all to myself.

photo 3

3) Tried something new. Thought this would be the perfect time to try the new Thai place in my neighborhood. I even ordered something I had never tried before. Surprisingly quite delicious.

photo 2

Ba Mee

4) Went grocery shopping and ran some errands. Because even on a day off, I need to do something productive.  🙂

5) Spent time talking to people I care about and love. The fastest way to feel better is to heal yourself with love. I spent an hour or two face-timing with my sister while she made a sandwich and did some homework. My mom later made an appearance. Made my day.

My roommate overheard me and commented “I can hear the twinkle in your (gross) voice when you talk to them. I think you’re right- you need a visit home.”

photo 1

looking like rudolph the red nosed reindeer from all the tissues

7) Spent some time reading/writing things I wanted to and actually like. At work, we read/write a lot of things we have to. On my day off I wanted to feed my mind with things that not only made me think but also made me happy.

photo 4

8) Finished off the day with sleep. There is no amount of vitamins, orange juice, whatever health drink , that can substitute good ol’ restful sleep.

photo (14)

How fitting that I run by this bench during my run in Central Park, huh?
(yes, I like to read the benches)

I feel much better today. My mind is unclogged even if my throat and nose are still a little stuffy.

That clarity makes all the difference. I can pay attention, focus, work…. everything, more efficiently.

Living in a fast paced city like New York, with so many things to do all the time, I always have to remind myself to simplify and slow down.

I write this post in hopes that you won’t push yourself past the point of exhaustion.

Take time for yourself. Listen to your body. “Feel Better”.

In the meantime, counting down the days til I get to go home for Thanksgiving! Can’t wait to see my sister and the rest of my family.

Stay warm and healthy.


How do you Un-clog your mind?

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“Today do something for you: Relax, Clear your mind, Take a break, Go for a jog, Watch the sunset, Enjoy the simple things. Enjoy you” – Brooke Griffin

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