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During finals week, December 11 to be exact, I had the great pleasure of attending the Mount Sinai Women’s Health Fashion Show and Luncheon one beautiful afternoon at the Waldorf Astoria, thanks to the graciousness of a donor who extended this invitation to me and a couple of my peers.



outfit details at end of post

The whole building was as beautiful as I remembered it. It was my second time at the Waldorf but first time going to the Grand Ballroom so I had no idea how to get there. I had no objection to getting lost in such beautiful surroundings but I didn’t want to be late so I eventually found myself looking at a map and schedule of events besides a fabulous lady in a red cape who if I had to guess, was going to the same place I was.

I asked her if she was going to the Grand Ballroom. She replied with a “Yes- would you like to get lost together?”

In any other situation that could have been awkward or even dangerous but in the Waldorf Astoria it sounded so poetic and magical I couldn’t help but smile and say “sounds like a plan.”

On the way to the elevators, this fabulous elegant lady in the red cape  and I talked about what brought us to the event. She told me that Mount Sinai saved her life just a few years ago. Meeting her before this luncheon made the event all the more special and real for me. We actually happened to have the same name- Andrea- except hers was Andrea with European pronunciation: On-dray-ah. Mine is Ann-dree-ah. What a coincidence!

During the reception we sipped on some wine and other refreshments and she introduced me to a couple of her other fabulous friends. How unreal it was to be there in the middle of the afternoon, among the likes of Nigel Barker before I had to go to class to give a presentation.

For lunch I got to enjoy a menu selected by Mario Batali. Especially the dessert. #thankful.



It was incredible seeing a room filled with females all there to support, share and celebrate being a woman. On a random Tuesday, we were  all there supporting a cause like Mount Sinai which focuses on promoting healthy, safe and quality life through raising awareness and performing research on prevention and detection of medical issues. What better way to celebrate than with great company, great food and fashion show?

Some of my favorites from Pamella Roland’s Spring 2013 collection although the whole show was beautiful. Wearable, understated sexy and confident.
IMG_3726 IMG_3729 IMG_3733

See more of the collection here

Since I had a presentation right after, I needed to dress for daytime in a look that was appropriate for both the Waldorf and class.


I paired a Kenneth Cole Raglan chiffon/satin contrast blouse (which isn’t in store anymore) with a Kensie faux leather skirt. (with iPurse in hand)

And v-cut booties (a post to come on those)


I’m thankful I was able to attend this lovely event even with all the finals chaos going on. It really gives you a sense of the bigger picture.

Looking forward to going to the Waldorf Astoria again in the future- who knows what magical adventures it has in store for me next time 🙂

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