My first [MOVIE TICKET GIVEAWAY]!: The Spy starring Daniel Henney

Buzzfeed did a (somewhat recent) post on “Asian Leading Men who deserve more airtime”. If you haven’t seen the list of 27 actors yet, I’d definitely take a peek at the amazing, not to mention handsome talent here.

You might see some new faces but one of them should be familiar: Daniel Henney. 

Not familiar with him or maybe you’ve been waiting for another chance to see hunky Henney on the screen?

Consider yourself lucky because starting today, the movie The Spy, starring Daniel Henney with internationally acclaimed actors Seol Kyung Gu and Moon So Ri, is playing in select theaters nationwide and I have free tickets that I want to give out to you!,+So-ri+Moon,+Daniel+Henney,+Dean+Dawson,+Chang-suk+Ko,+Ye-ri+Han-6+900×620.JPG

This movie was a #1 hit in Korea this September and it’s already here in the US, unlike other movies that premiere in Asia first and come to the states waaay later.

I watched the trailer and laughed the first time, and the second time, and the third….

(Watch Trailer Below)

My first [MOVIE TICKET GIVEAWAY]!: The Spy starring Daniel Henney 3

If Daniel Henney’s previous movies Shanghai Calling and Seducing Mr. Perfect are any indication of what The Spy will be like, I’m sure I’ll laugh and love this movie just as much, especially because from what it looks like, this is more action packed. I’m thinking it’ll be something like Get Smart and Mr. and Mrs. Smith!

Seol-Kyeong-gu-and-Moon-So-ri-in-The-Spy-Undercover-Operation-2013-Movie-Image Daniel-Henney-and-Moon-So-ri-in-The-Spy-Undercover-Operation-2013-Movie-Image

Even though i’ll have to make a trip to Flushing to go see it (since that’s the only theater in New York showing it), I don’t mind because it’ll have the laughs and the eyecandy.  Watching the movie and grabbing food in Flushing seems like a plan to me!

So, details about the giveaway.

 I have two free tickets for anyone in New York who is enough of a Daniel Henney/korean movie/adventure fan to go to Flushing to see it!

Two easy steps to enter. All you have to do is

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The more clearly I can see that you want it, the easier it is for me to send it to you! 🙂

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Enter NOW!  so I can let you know if you won and send you the tickets ASAP and you can see it starting Monday 🙂

I’ll only be accepting ‘submissions’ for a short time: today 9/27 until tomorrow 9/28 noon (eastern).

Note: Tickets admit TWO. They can only be used at AMC Bay Terrace in Flushing New York so make sure you can make it to the theater in Flushing on a weekday!

I’m excited to give mail these tickets out to you and hope to hear from you soon!!

Happy Friday!


Not convinced? or want to see what times you can go see it? Visit the movie website here

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