My first YouTube video!

The best things in life are usually both nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time. Not sure if there’s an actual word to describe this feeling, but I do know that that’s how I feel about the fact that I just published my first YouTube video.

The internet can be a scary place, so that’s where most of my hesitation comes from. However, it can also be wonderful and it has been good to me so far. I’ve gotten to meet and connect with some great people via the power of writing and the world wide web. I’m hoping that by starting a YouTube channel, the chances of meeting more interesting people in LA and even beyond increase ten fold. All of the reasons why I write: to connect, to improve, to remember, to help… (blog post on that here) are the same reasons why I’m starting this.

Here’s to endless possibility and meeting people like you.

And don’t you worry, I’ll still be writing here on the blog. But be sure to subscribe to the right for notifications and/or on YouTube to stay in touch in both places!!

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