My intent- what’s your word?

 Over the weekend I attended Kollaboration’s very first EMPOWER conference. It’s an event where API youth & young professionals gather to learn directly from some of the community’s most inspirational individuals.

I was happy to be in attendance to support a great group that is all about sharing communities, generations, industries and innovative minds. It’s the kind of conference I wish existed when I was younger.
There’s a lot to be said about what I learned and saw at the conference, but in the meantime I wanted to share a small token I walked away with that day: My Intent.

Chris Pan, founder of the My Intent Project, made a special appearance before the conference seminars to ask us a few questions about our intentions.

What virtue do you want more of in your life?

What is a challenge you want to overcome?

What are you most passionate about and want to do more?

 As someone who is very deliberate and thoughtful in everything I do, but is surrounded by so many choices (especially these days), this question meant a lot to me.

My intent- what's your word? 7
We had the opportunity to stop and think about a word that speaks to us and get our word printed onto a bracelet right before our eyes.

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I walked away with three: one for my sister, one for someone who has been my rock since I got here to LA, and one for myself.

Together for my sister, who just moved to college and is starting a new journey as a freshman in a few days. Even though she’s on the opposite coast, I am there with her. She and I will move, grow and learn about life together. I am so excited for her to be growing up into the incredible woman that I know she is. I am so proud of you and always rooting for you sissy. 

Love for my dear friend. There is no other word to describe how much his presence in my life means to me. Everything he does is with love- that human to human not even romantic love- and that alone has been an incredible healing element in my life as I get settled and start anew here in LA. His unwavering support- his belief in me even when my own conviction fades- is something so strong and empowering. Love is the force that propels all of his action- there is no ulterior motive, no malicious intent. He is just an amazing, damn good person and I hope he will take this love wherever he goes, and that this love will take him wherever he chooses. Thank you.

Trust for myself. Trust is something I struggle with. Trust in the process. Trust in myself. Trust in others. When everything is subject to change and my life is always moving and changing, whether it’s having to move to a different place or not knowing what’s in store for the next day, I acknowledge that I need to trust more. Trust that I have done everything that I can and that the rest will take care of itself. You can’t force amazing things to happen.

My intent- what's your word? 9

I love that My Intent is not a jewelry company. It’s an intentions project.

It’s easy to buy a piece of jewelry- for yourself or someone else- but to have something custom made with the thought and energy you put into it… well now, you owe it to yourself to see whatever your word is, through. 



What’s your word? Do you have one already?

Comment below or leave a comment on my instagram! I’d love to hear your story.

Create your intent on their website here. They have bracelets and necklaces. The next best thing after a tattoo in my opinion . 

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