My Manifesto (in Business and Life)

I’ll be completely honest. I was in a little funk last week.

You may be familiar with this feeling- I guess you could call it being in a rut or feeling stuck. Basically, I was unmotivated and a bit sad.

I usually stick it out and deal with it myself. I often like to dive into my feelings to figure out why I’m feeling this way but this time, that wasn’t enough. This time I called my sister, asked how she was doing and ended up venting and crying on the phone.

My sister is five years younger than I am- still in high school mind you- and I never cry. Knowing this, instead of being paralyzed by surprise, she was able to shake some sense into me (a blog post on that later, maybe) and the day after, I woke up and decided that I’d stop feeling so sucky. I decided to take some action.

For awhile now, I’ve been collecting a lot of phrases that speak to me. I’ve seen lululemon’s manifesto (pictured below) and

My Manifesto (in Business and Life) 5

and sweetgreen’s manifesto,

My Manifesto (in Business and Life) 6

but this weekend,  I finally put together a personal manifesto, printed it out and put it on my wall as a reminder.

So here it is:


edit 10/3 //(Before, it said “head strong”, it should say “heart strong”)

Yes, it might be long but it’s also my manifesto.

They’re the lines I need to read when I need that oomph -kick in the butt if you will- or when I need to remind myself of what motivates me and is important to me.

I’m making a promise and commitment to myself.

Yes.  Me, the millennial girl- a girl who may not be loyal to brands, to relationships or even foods- is making a commitment.

This doesn’t mean I won’t get stressed or that I won’t feel sucky again. It just means I expect more from myself.

I am commited to myself and making myself the best i can be and now, its in writing.

If it helps you, let me know and feel free to print it out. Know that you’re not alone!

Also, just in case you were wondering, I promise the font was not meant to look like the sweetgreen one.

(It’s actually the same font i used for my banner (up top) and my business cards, etc!)

I challenge you to write your manifesto. Write three lines. Write ten lines.

Write whatever lines make sense and speak to you so that whenever you feel stuck, it will give you the kick in the butt you need.

It took me awhile but now that it’s done, I’m saying goodbye to my excuses and hello to bigger and better things.

All day, everyday!



“Success doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by choice.”

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