My New Favorite Cafe in Ktown LA: Creperie Le Terrace

I’m always looking for new cafes to camp out and be productive in because I can only be so productive in the comfort of my own bed. This past weekend, I looked up places in K-town using Yelp, trying to avoid the Starbucks, Caffe Bene’s and Tom and Tom’s (the more mainstream places) when I came across Creperie Le Terrace.

I chose this place because it happened to be close to where I thought I was going to meet up with a friend later and also because it seemed to have a good food and drink selection, considering the fact that I don’t drink coffee and would rather have healthy food fuel me.

I got there right when it opened (around 11 AM) on a Saturday and was completely taken aback by what I saw when I entered.

This was not what I expected and more like a magical Narnia of Cafes.

Colored ceiling tiles, private study tables, homey cushions and antique decorations. Each corner of the cafe was lovingly decorated with chairs and tables unique to its own space, but complementary of the cozy, quaint and unpretentious ambiance.

I camped out at this table felt right at home. The acai bowl was almost too pretty to eat, and equally delicious.

And around lunch time I ordered a simple grilled chicken wrap which tasted extremely fresh, yummy, and made with care. 

When I had a phone call to take, I took it outside in the back, which was not some stinky alleyway but instead another cozy nook. 

And even the bathroom was so cute! I didn’t feel like I was in a cafe, let alone in K-town.

Needless to say, I spent 6-7 hours there and got a lot of work done in my clean, private, spacious and quiet (!)  nook of the cafe.  The service there was attentive and so kind. They didn’t nag me once about how I was there for most of the day and made me feel right at home. Not to mention, the music was calming (Yiruma, Celine Dion, Instrumentals) and conducive to work.

It was magical and I can’t wait to go back again. It’s easily now one of my favorite cafes in Ktown, if not all of LA.

Have you been? Where else do you recommend I go?

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 1.16.13 PM

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This place looks heavenly. I am definitely bookmarking it on Yelp. thanks for the tip