My vision for 2020

I’ve been talking a lot about breathwork in person and on instagram, but haven’t written about it on the blog… yet. I’ll fill you in as soon as I can but wanted to start with this post, because it doesn’t require much explaining. Long story short, I attended a breathwork healer training workshop last weekend (11/4-5) which was two full days of self reflection, sharing and healing especially for those who want to practice/teach breathwork with others in the future. In this two day workshop, a group of about 50 individuals including myself came to a safe space with the intention to be open and face our fears/emotions to initiate the process of healing (even though we didn’t know each other). One of the writing prompts we had was to share our visions for our lives in exactly 3 years from now, our “2020 vision” as I like to say.

Though I didn’t share mine out loud, I wanted to share it here. Partly to keep a public reminder for myself for accountability, but mostly so that you too can allow yourself to dream big and take actionable steps to making what seems far away into reality.

For my vision for 2020 I wrote:

My vision for 2020 1

“3 years from now, on November 5th, 2020, I will be 29 years old and not quite 30, an age that I’ve been excited to become for such a long time. I wake up so excited to be alive and to be here. I’m living a life that I never thought existed growing up in southern New Jersey. I wake up in a place that I can call my own. A place that is filled with a lot of love, learning and creating. I wake up and turn over to see someone next to me that I knew existed but didn’t think I’d find. He’s handsome and attractive in all of the “traditional” ways but the sexiest thing about him is that he’s grounded, self assured, supportive, loving and kind. I get out of bed with no pressure to be anywhere except where I want to be. Things feel easy and enjoyable. Playful. I’m wearing barely any makeup but look gorgeous. I’m radiating. Smiling. My scars have faded. I’m free of them now. Physically and emotionally. This change and growth is a story I share with millions. It hits them in different ways. It inspires them to change their own lives for the better in some way. It’s what I’m known for. I feel proud of myself, for what I’ve done, who I’ve become and what I’ve achieved. People know of me now internationally and money isn’t an issue. I’m now able to give back to people and causes that I wanted to but couldn’t before. I have several private clients, I consult, I write, I’m on talkshows hosting and appearing as a guest. I have a circle of influential, supportive, loving successful friends across industries. My life is on purpose and intentional. I’m grateful and exactly where I need to be. I followed the unconventional path to a purposeful life and have achieved success and unshakeable inner peace.”

It was really incredible hearing people in the same room stand up and share their visions for 2020 with the class. I couldn’t help but get emotional for how beautiful and inspiring some of them were. You could really feel how much they wanted and believed they could achieve it.

Because I believe that putting things into writing and saying them out loud has an effect in helping to manifest ideas, I encourage you to write and share your vision for 2020 in your own journal and with your own peers. I had my boyfriend do this exercise with me and I think it helped to distill what he really wants in life- without rules, limitations and expectations. Do this in a quiet environment, ideally when you wake up or after meditation when your thoughts are still. Be honest with yourself and remember this is YOUR vision for 2020. You can want what you want.

Something to think about….



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