To reach full potential….and to get the most out of this year ..

1) Eat a (healthy) breakfast everyday. Gives me a boost in the morning and something to look forward to before classes! College is not an excuse to eat crap.

2) Perform 1 hour of physical activity/exercise everyday. It relieves stress, the endorphins make me happy and exercise makes my skin glow. I’ve been doing it for a week or two now and I already feel a difference. Besides, you can’t beat the view by the Hudson River where I run (exercise of choice) (of both the water/buildings and the boys)

Non-Negotiables 3

3) Read a book every two weeks. (Tried doing the whole read a book a week thing the beginning of August…but it worked out to be two books a week or a book every two weeks. Plus, I figure I will already be doing a lot of reading for classes.)

4) Continue my habit of reading articles everyday. Gotta keep my finger on the pulse and I like learning something new everyday.

5) Take my vitamins everyday. Whatever nutrients I’m not getting in my food I get in the form of yummy gummies. Plus, my mom said so.

Bonus points if I do these too: Sit up straight with shoulders back, stretch in the morning and make my bed everyday.

I’ll also be blogging everyday (unless there are some extenuating circumstances, but really there is no excuse). So check back everyday!

I think thats pretty doable… The next time you see me I better look and feel healthier and happier! If i dont… feel free to call me out on it.


I got this. Until then….

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